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Coffee Every 4 Hrs Could Stave Off “Seasonal Affective Disorder”

Daylight Saving Time just ended, and the days are getting shorter.  That means we’ll get less and less sunlight, which can bring on symptoms of “SAD,” or “Seasonal Affective Disorder.”  But a new poll found more COFFEE might help.

The study was funded by a bunch of coffee companies, so keep that in mind.  They claim it was fair and unbiased, but who knows.

It found that as the days get shorter and colder, 21% of us feel more anxious… 24% find it harder to concentrate… 25% feel less motivated to exercise… and 28% are more likely to feel sad in general.

A lot of people in the survey said coffee seems to HELP with those issues though.

21% said it helps them concentrate… 20% said it improves their mood in general… and 29% said they drink coffee to feel more energetic.

The study didn’t look at exactly how much coffee the average person should drink.  But a study in 2010 suggested that one cup every four hours could make a difference.



(Eat This / Coffee & Health)