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Your SodaStream Can Also Keep Salad Fresh

Here’s something for anyone who bought a SodaStream . . . thought they’d use it constantly . . . and just kept buying La Croix.  Turns out there’s another use for those things…

Someone posted a hack where you can use your SodaStream to keep SALAD fresh.

The canisters you use with them are filled with CO2, which food companies already use to keep some vegetables fresh.

Here’s the hack:  Just take a bag of salad, leave a small opening to fit the SodaStream nozzle in, pump some CO2 in there… and seal it back up.

You can transfer it to a zip-lock bag first if you want to.  But you don’t need to be TOO careful about it leaking out.  Too much can be overkill.  You only need around 15% CO2 in there.

The magazine “Cook’s Illustrated” tested it out with a bag of mixed greens, and it worked.  It kept them fresh for nine days compared to five days without the CO2.



(Cook’s Illustrated / Mirror)