Woman Photoshops Roaches on a Picture of Her Kid, Now He Won’t Stop Bathing

Is this a genius modern parenting trick, or a way to turn a kid into a lifelong hypochondriac?  It’s such a fine line, isn’t it? A woman recently posted a story on Facebook about how she got her young son to start taking baths.  She says he HATED them, so she took a photo of him sleeping, and Photoshopped three COCKROACHES onto his body.

She shared the picture on Facebook and she didn’t exactly do masterful Photoshop work . . . but hey, it was good enough to fool what appears to be a three- or four-year-old kid.

The mom says that after he saw the picture, quote, “Now he takes a bath 10 times a day.”



(Via: The Scottish Sun

Rich Birdsall

Rich Birdsall

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