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Two Kids Made Fake Cell Phones to Avoid Their Parents’ Phone Curfew

It’s amazing how devious kids can be when they want something, especially if it’s tech-related:  A couple in England recently found out their two sons were pulling a fast one to get more cell phone time…

The sons’ names are Ben and Fabien.  They’re step-brothers, both 14.  And their parents recently added a new rule, no phones after 9:00 P.M.

They didn’t like the idea, obviously.  So they came up with a plan to trick their parents… by making FAKE cell phones they could use as stand-ins.

They printed out two pictures of an iPhone, cut the pictures out, taped each one inside a cell phone case, stuffed some paper in there to get the weight right, and pretended THAT was their phone.

They handed them over at nine o’clock and said they wouldn’t use them anymore, then ran to their room to use their REAL phones.  And it worked… for a few hours.

Their parents thought it was weird that they handed them over without an argument.  Then later that night, the mom noticed a small piece of tape sticking out of one of the cases, and realized what they did.

She was so impressed, she didn’t even get mad.  But now she double-checks to make sure.