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Top 5 Reasons It’s Great to be Short.

A study finds that people over 5-foot-9 are at a higher risk of over 100 different health conditions.  So, add “You live longer” to today’s list of the . . . Top 5 Reasons It’s Great to be Short.


Airlines charge less for passengers who fly in the overhead bin.

Driving is more exciting when you can’t see over the steering wheel.

You have a reliable side hustle as a softball base.

You save on new clothes since you still fit in your Garanimals.

All you need are aviator glasses to go as Maverick for Halloween.

Want to work out but the gym’s closed?  Hop in your hamster’s wheel!

During hide-and-seek, nobody checks inside the dishwasher.

You can poop in the middle of the house and everyone will blame the chihuahua.

Willy Wonka offers competitive pay AND benefits.