Time to Start Changing Bucket Lists!

When you think of bucket lists, you think of exciting things you want to do or exotic places you want to see. Those are definitely still up there on people’s bucket lists, but post-pandemic, there is a different thing topping the list of things people want to do before they, well, kick the bucket. According to a new YouGov poll, the top thing on people’s bucket lists is to get healthier or lose weight. Here are the Top 10 Bucket List Items, according to the poll:

  1. Get healthier/lose weight – 41%
  2. Travel to an exotic location – 35%
  3. Achieve a wealth goal (e.g. pay off a student loan) – 29%
  4. See a natural wonder – 28%
  5. Own my own home – 27%
  6. Change someone’s life for the better – 27%
  7. Get married – 22%
  8. Learn a new language (including computer languages) – 19%
  9. Have children – 17%
  10. Start a business – 15%