Ten Things Bartenders Hate

Here’s something to help you out this weekend.  Someone asked bartenders to name annoying things customers do.  Here are a few things bartenders hate . . .

1.  When you open and close your tab a million times.  Be honest, you’re not just having one.

2.  When you order a drink, wait for them to make it, and then tack on more.  Like, “Can I have a martini?”  And when they hand it to you, “Also, four Long Islands.”  Just put your whole order in at once.

3.  When you ask for “just a little ice” in your drink and think it means more booze.

4.  When you think the bartender is into you.  It’s their job to be nice, maybe even a little flirty.

5.  Ordering a pitcher is great and makes their job easier . . . until you spill it.

6.  When you ask what beers they have, and they list 27 different options . . . then you say, “Bud Light’s fine.”

7.  When you walk in five minutes before they close, or see chairs on tables and ask, “Can I still get a drink?”

8.  When you ask for a weird off-the-wall drink, and act surprised when they’ve never heard of it before.

9.  When you try to be “helpful” by wadding up napkins and putting them inside your empty glass.  Now they have to dig in there and get them out.

10.  When you’re drunk at the end of the night . . . look at your receipt . . . and act like, “Wait, this can’t be right.”