Afternoon Drive at GM Broadcasting / Magic 101.7.

— Tanya is the mother of Caleb & Alexis, both very musically inclined and can play several instruments. Caleb is in a band! Much to Miss Tanya’s dismay, both of her Children are taller than she is. She loves tattoos and has several, including 52 stars! She’s a die hard Eminem fan! Tanya has seen him several times in concert and even participated in an MTV special that he was on, and continues to stalk him! She originally aspired to be a special effects make-up artist for horror movies. Even though she is terrified of horror movies… Tanya LOVES the outdoors. Except in the winter. If its cold, she can’t even (yes, she can hike in heels)!

You can hear Tanya weekdays on Magic 101.7 from 2PM-7PM!