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Surviving the Dentist During the Holidays

So you have a broken, rotted, disgusting molar and it’s killing you. You have shopping to do still, cookies to bake and the kids are all about attempting to murder their siblings but… The thought of sitting down in the dentist’s chair, waiting for an array of medieval torture devices to be applied to an area that has already been awful painful for quite awhile is daunting.

Now… That being said, I had a root canal and rebuild done on one of my molars.
I have a gold tooth now. I’m all ready for my first rap video!
But I digress… My dentists were awesome!! I could’ve fallen asleep in the chair if my mouth wasn’t pried open with a spring loaded thing. I felt hardly anything at all! But alas some of us are not that lucky.

There’s a way to get your mind right while you go this though. Researchers have done studies that show if you think about something else it helps. If you imagine you are on a beach relaxing in the sunshine. Sitting on a lounge chair, instead of that dentist chair it makes the appointment a breeze.

One day you may get Virtual reality goggles, a soundtrack and a heat lamp to give you the total experience. None of that has happened yet. so. Figure out where your happy place is for now!

(Via: Daily Mail)