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Sister Agreed to Be Surrogate, Now Husband Wants to Save Money

Pay attention, men. This is how you land yourself in the doghouse for about a decade. A woman who’s been trying to get pregnant went on Reddit to vent about a VERY DUMB suggestion her husband came up with. She’s 34, he’s 37, and they’ve been struggling to conceive. So her younger sister who’s 30 recently offered to be their surrogate and carry the baby for them. But then the husband started looking into how much the whole IVF thing would cost, and suggested he just get her sister pregnant the OLD-FASHIONED WAY.

He wants to boink her, and doesn’t get why it’s a big deal. But his wife is NOT into it, and won’t even ask her sister if she’s willing. She says she’d freak out. Her husband got angry when she said no, and claims it’s just because he wants kids so bad. (Sure, buddy, sure.) So now she doesn’t know what to do. A few people online think she should just DIVORCE him. Others say skipping IVF isn’t that crazy, but think they should go the turkey baster route.


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