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“Signs You’re in Your 40s” Was Trending on Twitter

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Kids of the ’80s are hitting their 40s . . . and even if you don’t FEEL like you’re over the hill, there are a few telltale signs that you can’t ignore.

The hashtag “#SignsYoureInYour40s” was recently trending on Twitter… or X, or whatever it is…. and here are some of the best responses:



1.  “You’re in the supermarket, and you realize the music that’s playing was the same music at your Junior High homecoming dance.”

2.  “The cashier asks for ID for age-restricted items, and laughs.”

3.  “Your social media feed is filled with pictures of your friends’ kids and their latest achievements.”

4.  “A teacher once told you ‘You won’t always have a calculator in your pocket.'”

5.  “Hangovers have become an all-day affair instead of a quick recovery.”

6.  “You wake up injured, and don’t know why.”

7.  “When talking about directions, you say ‘Let me MapQuest it.'”

8.  “You printed out greeting cards and birthday banners with a dot-matrix printer.”  Or simply, “You know what the holes on the sides of printer paper were for.”

9.  “You already know about A.I., and his name is Clippy.”

10.  “You Jeevesed before you Googled.”  Or, “THIS is how you Googled something in your teens . . . ” and there’s a photo of ENCYCLOPEDIAS.

11.  “You get great enjoyment from watching birds at the bird feeder.”

12.  “When you make a noise to stand up.”