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Should Gas Pedals Be Harder to Push the Faster You Go?

Do you feel the need for speed?  Someday soon, that need may have to go unmet . . .

Starting next month, new cars in Europe will be required to come with tech that alerts you if you’re speeding.  You’ll be able to turn the feature off though.

Some people want it added to new cars here too.  So an insurance group did a new poll on it, and it’s a surprisingly popular idea.

Almost 60% of Americans think it would be okay if a feature like that came on at the beginning of every trip to make the roads safer, and help you avoid a ticket.  It jumps to 70% if it would mean your car insurance would cost less.

Or, here’s another idea:  What if as you sped up, your gas pedal got harder and harder to push down?  51% think that would be okay too.

The least popular option was adding a limiter to prevent your engine from letting you speed at all.  But still, 48% of Americans think that’s a decent idea.

Some said it should let you speed a little bit on highways.  Just not in places like school zones, or spots with a ton of foot traffic.



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