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Saturday Morning Cartoons -Growing Up In A Real-Time World

Looking back at the days of my youth in the 1970’s children in American had a much different lifestyle than the kids of today.

Instead of computers, smart phones, tablets and I-pads screens, we received much of our education from books, binders and blackboards.

We didn’t have 24 hour TV with hundreds of channels, and countless streaming services.

Saturday mornings were spent much differently than the high tech world we live in today.

Kids of my generation woke up Saturday mornings to a lineup of cartoons and children’s entertainment in real time, with no recording devices, it was all live.

I remember watching Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo, Land of the Lost and others on the three network channels that were available to us in the 1970’s.

We knew everyone on our street and often we would gather at different houses to watch real time TV.

Special events included the annual Wizard of Oz televised special that would gather neighborhood kids together at someone’s home, usually a household with a color TV.

I love the technology that has come over the years, but I do think we have become detached from much of the personal experiences that brought people together.

Social media has allowed us to share memories with family and friends from all over the world, and that is one of the advancements that creates visual experiences, but does it  brings us together?

Do you think we will ever get back to the social atmosphere we once had years ago?

Regardless I will always have the wonderful memories of simpler times on the east side of Binghamton during the 1970’s.