These two… Rich and Heather met (again) over the summer of last year, and now they are inseparable. It’s true that a man’s success has everything to do with the woman he chooses to be in his life. She takes interest in everything he does. Including being on air with him!

They have four kids at home and the craziness is… epic. From the kids ganking all the phone chargers in the house to their smart mouths(all Rich’s fault by the way), there’s never a dull moment!

Rich and Heather will keep you updated on music news, what’s trending and stories of EPIC FAIL and stupidity. They will give you the updates on what’s going on at Magic 101.7 and giveaways!

Rich is super excited to have his better half on the show with him. Listen Sunday mornings 6am – Noon to catch these two wackos on air and let them know what you’re thinking!!

Email them with questions and comments by filling out the thing below and clicking submit!

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