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Pee Wee Herman Is Going to Host a Radio Show

PEE WEE HERMAN gets to host his own radio show.  It’ll air on a Santa Monica-based station called KCRW on November 26th.

Pee Wee announced yesterday, quote, “I am going to be a DJ on a new radio show airing on KCRW!  I’m so excited, it’s my very first one!  I mailed them a letter, which got lost apparently, and then tagged them on Twitter. They didn’t believe it was me until my most amazing fans called and jammed up their phone lines!  Tune in to hear me play some great music and bring surprises.

It sounds like he’s hosting it AS the Pee Wee character, because he’s bringing Chairry, Magic Screen, and Miss Yvonne with him.  He’s also promising some “super famous” surprise guests.

While this is a one-show deal, let’s hope it can turn into something regular AND syndicated so we can all enjoy.

(VIA: Consequence)