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No Leftovers? Thanksgiving is RUINED!

No one wants to run out of food on Thanksgiving… although if it happens this year, you can blame “supply chain issues.”

But Americans love their leftovers.  If fact, according to a new survey, 56% of us say Thanksgiving is RUINED if there aren’t any leftovers.

More than two-in-three people think Thanksgiving leftovers taste BETTER than the original meal.

So what makes the best leftovers?  62% say it’s the turkey… with mashed potatoes and stuffing TIED for second.  Pumpkin pie is next, followed by apple pie… green bean casserole… rolls… candied yams… gravy… and cornbread.


But you CAN have too much of a good thing.  The average person ends up throwing away EIGHT POUNDS of Thanksgiving leftovers.