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Mike Tyson Repeatedly Punched a Guy Who Was Bugging Him on an Airplane

MIKE TYSON teed off on a guy who was harassing him on an airplane on Wednesday.

Mike was on his way from San Francisco to Miami for a marijuana convention, when some moron started bothering him from the seat behind him.  Video posted by TMZ shows the guy being an ass, then cuts to Mike PUMMELING him.

Then it shows the guy with some cuts on his face.  It doesn’t look like he took too much damage.  Mike was leaned over his own seatback punching down while another guy was trying to stop him, so it’s not like he was landing lethal bombs.

Tyson’s rep says the idiot actually threw a water bottle at him, but there’s no video of that.

Police are looking into it.  They say the so-called “victim” was treated for non-life-threatening injuries, and didn’t really cooperate with their investigation.



(WARNING:  The videos contain profanity.)