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McDonald’s Will Finally Start Selling Sides of Big Mac Sauce

McDonald’s announced some changes to its burgers this week, including more sauce on Big Macs.  But if it’s still not enough, you’re in luck . . .

They just announced that one week from today, they’ll finally start selling SIDES of Big Mac sauce for dipping.

Starting next Thursday, you’ll be able to ask for a side of it to dip fries and McNuggets in.  They’re putting it in the same little cups as other condiments, like ranch and honey mustard.

The bad news is it’s a limited-time-only thing.  And they say you have to order through the app to get them.

You can get one side of Big Mac sauce free with McNuggets.  Or you can buy up to five on their own with any order.  It’s not clear how long they’ll be around.  They just said “while supplies last.”



(McDonald’s / Food & Wine)