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Lose Weight – Cut Your Food Into Little Pieces and Scatter Them

There are a lot of diet and fitness goals that involve “tricking yourself.”  Which is fine . . . except that YOU KNOW you’re tricking yourself, so it only works as long as you buy into it.  Here’s the latest example:

A new study out of China says that you can lose weight… just by cutting your food into tiny pieces and scattering them across your plate.

The idea is that you cut calories by eating less, and people tend to eat a particular portion size, rather than eating until they are full.  So instead of taking a smaller portion and THINKING you’re eating less, you spread the food all over the plate and trick yourself into thinking you’re eating more than you are.

In one part of the study, they cut up chocolate bars, and plated them in different ways.  And they found that people THOUGHT they were getting more when they were spread out, with spaces in between the pieces.



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