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JUST ASKING: Christmas Lights

Christmas light displays might be beautiful — but they can also be expensive. Even though technology has made lights more energy efficient, that electricity isn’t free. Big displays could cost you hundreds of dollars.

  • How big of a deal are Christmas light displays each year as part of your holiday traditions?
  • Do you enjoy getting the ladder out and stringing the lights?
  • Are you in a “light fight” with your neighbors? Do you really get the sense that you’re trying to put something up that’s bigger and better than everyone around you?
  • Do you live in a neighborhood where people go all out and put up big displays — while you don’t want to? What’s the bare minimum you feel like you have to put up to not look like a scrooge?
  • If your neighbors have lights up, are you able to put up zero lights — and not worry about what the neighbors think of you?