It’s Time For Some NERD NEWS!

It’s time for “Nerd News,” covering the most important news for your brain you may have missed.  Here’s a quick rundown of this week in science…


  1. A study at UCLA found babies love it when we use “baby talk.”  Especially in English, because English speakers tend to exaggerate it the most.  Meanwhile, a study in Scotland found babies can understand real words earlier than we thought.  And well before they can talk, they can already grasp simple phrases like, “clap your hands.”
  2. A photo of a “worm tornado” went viral this week after hundreds of worms started crawling in a circle during a rainstorm in New Jersey.  Experts know they sometimes crawl around together to help each other navigate.  But no one knows why they went in a circle this time.  (You may have seen videos of ants doing it before too.)
  3. Scientists in Japan figured out how to hack the human body and regrow teeth.  Don’t stop brushing yet though.  They say it could be years before they can actually do it.
  4. Elon Musk tweeted that SpaceX is going to put Dogecoin on the Moon.  Fans of the meme currency love to say they’re sending its price “to the Moon.”  So some people think it was an April Fools’ joke . . . but others think it’s for real.
  5. And in other space news:  The Mars rover deployed its helicopter, which could make its first flight next week.  Experts say stronger tides from this week’s “supermoon” helped free the ship that was stuck in the Suez Canal.  And for the first time . . . astronomers have detected X-rays coming from Uranus.