If You Have Dogs Or Puppies That You Can No Longer Keep – Please Call Us!

There is no reason for you to abandon your animals.

The Broome County Dog Shelter accepts dogs or puppies from owners who are unable to keep them for a nominal charge- Call us at 607.778.2493 or email us muttsrus@broomecounty.us with some information so we can see the best option for your dog.

About Our Shelter

The Broome County Dog Shelter has been in operation since 1956. Although Broome County allows use of their housing facility for dogs, the shelter operates independently of County funding. It is supported through contracts with twelve towns to house stray dogs and puppies, as well as through redemption fees, adoption fees and donations to our trust fund.

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What We Do:

  • The Broome County Dog Shelter is dedicated to the following:
  • Accepting all stray adoptable dogs and puppies from our contracted municipalities.
  • Providing safe, clean housing and medical care for all adoptable dogs and puppies in our care.
  • Providing a central location for owners to find and recover their missing pets.
  • Accepting adoptable dogs and puppies that owners are unable to keep for any reason.
  • Matching adoptable dogs and puppies with compatible, loving, adoptive families.
  • Providing referral information for any animal-related concern. Our staff can help you acquire the information you need!
  • Promoting the importance of dog licensing, spaying and neutering, vaccinations, obedience and behavioral training.
  • Increasing community awareness of the stray and pet over-population problems through shelter tours and off-site education programs.