How To Cure Your NYE Hangover

I’ve always said that if you’re hungover drink Gatorade and take four ibuprofen. Heck it would be advantageous for you to drink a glass of water before you go to bed after the “after party” to help you even further! But researchers at British Royal Society of Chemistry (with a flexible spending account) just did some chemical sleuthing into the hangover phenomenon and found that a specific chemical that I can’t pronounce for the life of me –Acetaldehyde– is the culprit.


Lead researcher Dr. John Emsley claims bread and honey is the best cure for a hangover.  Apparently the fructose that is present in honey breaks down alcohol into harmless by-products.

“The reason why hangovers are so painful is that alcohol is first broken down into , a substance which is toxic to the body and causes throbbing headaches, nausea, and vomiting. The hangover disappears as the acetaldehyde is slowly converted to less toxic chemicals. When honey and toast are consumed together, potassium and sodium are added to the body, which helps the body in handling the alcohol.” –Dr. John Emsley

Here’s what I think… if your hammered, drink water with your bread and honey before you go to bed. Wake up and take four ibuprofen and drink a bottle of Gatorade.

But, I’m a DJ. Not a doctor.