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Hot Pockets Is Now Selling Cold Pockets

I’m not sure how this didn’t happen sooner, because it’s an obvious spin-off:  Hot Pockets just announced they’re going to start selling COLD POCKETS.  But somehow, they DIDN’T name them that.

They’re called “Deliwich” sandwiches, and you thaw them out before you eat them.  They say you can put one in your kid’s lunchbox in the morning, and it’ll be ready to eat in two to four hours.  Or you can thaw them out in the microwave.  It’s their first offering that’s not meant to be eaten hot.

They’re releasing four different versions:  Pepperoni-and-cheese, ham-and-cheese, turkey-and-cheese, and one that’s only cheese.  They’ll hit grocery stores nationwide by the end of the month.