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Hilarious Cease-and-Desist Order Sent to Bill Murray

BILL MURRAY has been using the song “Listen to the Music” by the DOOBIE BROTHERS in ads for his Zero Hucks Given golf shirts… without their permission.  And the Doobies are LIVID.

Okay, not really.  But they did call him out for it.  The Doobies’ lawyers sent Bill a letter saying they were onto him.  But they tried to make it funny.  Quote, “Maybe you should change the company name to “Zero BUCKS Given.”

They added, quote, “It seems like the only person who uses our clients’ music without permission more than you do is Donald Trump.”

They also said they’d threaten Bill with eternal damnation, but, quote, “you already earned that with those ‘Garfield’ movies.”

And they took a shot at the shirts… quote, “We’d almost be OK with it if the shirts weren’t so damn ugly.  But it is what it is.”

No word back yet from Bill.



(You can read the whole letter here.)