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Heinz Wants You to Dip Your Burger in Crushed-Up Potato Chips

Was anyone out there already doing this?  Because it’s a weird idea, but maybe genius.  Heinz has a new product called Dip & Crunch that lets you dip your burger in crushed-up POTATO CHIPS.

They say it was inspired by a TikTok trend.  So apparently some people ARE already doing it.  They also recently tested it at a few Jack in the Box locations on the West Coast.

Obviously the chips wouldn’t stick on their own.  So it comes with crushed-up chips, plus a sauce to dip your burger in first.  There are two varieties:  A “Secret Sauce,” and a spicy version.  But the chips in both look to be regular old potato chips.

It could work with sandwiches too, and putting chips in a sandwich is already somewhat common.  But they’re specifically selling it as a burger thing.  You can find it at Walmart, Target, and some grocery stores.