Have You Been Drinking at Work?

Happy hour can start a little earlier when you’re working from home.  So a new survey looked at the states that do the MOST drinking on the clock…

2,000 people were asked if they’ve ever had an adult beverage during work hours.  And overall, 34% said yes.  But it’s a lot higher in some states.

Alaska is #1, where two-thirds said they’ve done it.  And Nebraska is last at just 13%.

The ten states with the most on-the-clock drinkers are:

Alaska, 67%
Maine, 60%
New Mexico, 56%
Oklahoma, 51%
Delaware, Hawaii, Mississippi, and Nevada, all tied at 50%
Indiana, 46%
and Connecticut, 45%.

The states where people are the least likely to drink during work hours are Nebraska, Massachusetts, South Dakota, Arkansas, and Rhode Island.

The survey also asked people what they prefer . . . beer, wine, or liquor.  And liquor dominated with 27 states.  18 went with beer, and only five prefer wine.



(You can check out the top pick in all 50 states at Zippia.com.)