Gas Hit $5 a Gallon for the First Time Ever

This isn’t the type of update we want to be giving, but the price of gas hit a new high over the weekend.  The national average hit FIVE DOLLARS a gallon on Saturday for the first time ever.

That’s the most it has ever cost without adjusting for inflation.  And we’re starting to close in on THAT record too.

When you do factor inflation in, the highest it’s ever been was in 2008.  That summer, it peaked at $4.11, which would be like $5.40 today.  So if prices jump another 10% or so, we’ll pass that mark too.  (You can see today’s national average at

In related news:  A handful of people near Sacramento, California paid WAY less than that the other day.  But only briefly.

A gas station in the city of Rancho Cordova missed a decimal point.  So they were selling premium for SIXTY-NINE CENTS a gallon.  It was supposed to be $6.99.

A bunch of people took advantage and didn’t say anything.  One guy admitted he showed up with his tank on empty, and filled up for a total of $14.

Employees at the station didn’t get it fixed for about three hours.  They haven’t revealed how much the mistake cost them.



(CNBC / CBS13)