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Frank’s RedHot Teamed Up with Campbell’s for Spicy SpaghettiOs

Is this a food mash-up you’d try?  If so, you could just buy both products and do it yourself…

Campbell’s is teaming up with the makers of Frank’s RedHot and will start selling SPICY SPAGHETTIOS.  So, normal SpaghettiOs with hot sauce mixed in.

Their target market isn’t kids though, it’s adults… specifically Millennials who grew up eating SpaghettiOs, but now have a more sophisticated palate.

According to their press release, Millennials buy over a third of all the SpaghettiOs sold each year.  Almost half of adults 35 and under who still eat them said they have “canned pasta” at least once a week.


The spicy version hits store shelves nationwide this month.

And speaking of spice:  Heinz also just announced a new line of spicy KETCHUPS in three flavors, chipotle, jalapeño, and habanero.  They’ve also got a new spicy version of their Heinz 57 steak sauce.



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