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Four Times It Might Make Sense to Wear a Mask After the Pandemic

There’s finally some light at the end of the pandemic tunnel.  But before you throw out your supply of face masks, listen up.  Here are four times you might still want to wear a mask even after the pandemic ends…

1.  If you’re sick during flu season.  Face masks don’t just protect us from COVID, they help stop the spread of other respiratory viruses like the flu.  And if you get sick, wearing a mask is one way you can help protect those around you.

2.  When you’re in crowded, indoor spaces.  Being in a crowd, indoors, with poor ventilation is one of the fastest ways the coronavirus spreads.  And even after COVID-19, we can still catch infections like the flu and the common cold whenever we’re in crowded indoor spaces.

3.  When there are new variants or when your immunity is lower.  COVID-19 might never fully go away,  it could continue to mutate like the seasonal flu does every year.  So if you want some protection before the booster vaccines come out, masking up might be the way to go.

4.  While traveling.  Infections and vaccination rates can vary between different parts of the U.S. and between countries.  So until we reach herd immunity, it’s probably a good idea to wear a mask when traveling to a higher-risk area.



(Via: Huff Post)