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Four Reasons You Shouldn’t Try to Get Omicron

A woman in Australia went viral this week after a video showed her actively TRYING to get Omicron from people.  She’s getting married in six weeks and doesn’t want to get it right before her wedding.  But most experts advise against that.

Here are a few reasons doctors say you shouldn’t try to get Omicron, even though it seems milder than the other variants:


1.  It’s still covid, not just a “bad cold.”  Even a lot of people with “mild” cases end up with a high fever, body aches, swollen lymph nodes, and a bad sore throat.  That even includes people who are vaccinated and boosted.  So don’t get cocky.

2.  You could end up with long covid.  Symptoms include shortness of breath, severe fatigue, fevers, dizziness, brain fog, stomach pain, and trouble sleeping.  And that’s if it’s NOT a severe case.

3.  You’ll probably spread it.  Hospitals are filling up again and stressing the whole system.  Over the weekend, almost a quarter of hospitals in the U.S. reported “critical staff shortages,” because so many doctors and nurses have it right now.

4.  We still don’t know how long immunity lasts.  It might only last a few months, and then you can get it again.  So you might let yourself get sick for no good reason.  That’s why experts say being vaccinated and boosted is a better option.



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