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Five Tips for Transporting Thanksgiving Food

If you’re heading to a pot-luck Thanksgiving this week, this info might help.

Here are five tips for transporting Thanksgiving food . . .


1.  Freeze food that’s delicate.  Just make sure you leave time for it to fully thaw out.  Things like pumpkin pie freeze well too.  Then it won’t melt in the car.

2.  If it’s a long drive, use a cooler.  Especially for stuff that can spoil.  More than two hours at room temperature increases your chances of food poisoning.

3.  Use bungee cords to keep lids on.  Meaning things like crock pots.  It’ll keep things from spilling if you hit a bump.  If you don’t have bungees, use tape.

4.  Use a yoga mat.  If you’re worried about stuff sliding around in your trunk, put something with a grippy, non-slip surface under it.  Yoga mats work great.

5.  Never partially cook a turkey.  Don’t start it in one oven, then drive somewhere and finish it in another oven.  That’s a great way to make everyone sick.  Ideally, the person who’s hosting should be on turkey duty.



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