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Father and Son Got Caught with Meth in McDonald’s Soda

There are lots of ways to bond with your son.  But doing hard DRUGS together probably isn’t the best call…

A 54-year-old guy in northern Michigan named Victor McMillan got pulled over on the highway last week.  And his 30-year-old son Joshua was with him.  (It happened in Bagley, about 60 miles east of Traverse City.)

While the cop was talking to them, he noticed a large McDonald’s cup in their car that was filled with soda.  And something weird was floating on top of it, but it wasn’t ice.

Or, if you know drug slang, it WAS “ice” … the CRYSTAL METH kind.

They apparently panicked when they got pulled over, and dumped their bag of meth in the soda.  But they either didn’t realize it would float, or thought it would dissolve.

The cop found the empty bag on the floor of their car.  And the stuff in their soda tested positive for methamphetamine.

They both got arrested for drugs, and they’re due back in court tomorrow.