Easter Sunday will definitely be a little different this year.  Here are five stats on how we plan to celebrate…


1.  70% of people who observe Easter say ALL their Easter activities will happen at home this year.  Only 25% said that was true last year.

2.  Will you be doing anything to make Easter feel more “normal”?  39% said they plan to call loved ones… 27% will make video calls… 24% will livestream church… and 1 in 5 will have an indoor Easter egg hunt, even if they wouldn’t normally.

3.  56% of people who went to church last Easter said they’d go again this Sunday IF their church was open.  But only 23% overall think churches should be considered “essential businesses.”

4.  Two-thirds said the outbreak will affect how much money they spend on Easter this year.  The top things we’re skimping on are food, clothes, and candy.

5.  The #1 thing the crisis has made us more grateful for is our FAMILY.  40% said loved ones are the top thing they’re more thankful for this year… 29% said their health… 13% said their freedom… and 12% said their job.