Coca-Cola’s Newest Flavor Tastes Like . . . Pixels?

Think of something you can’t touch, taste, or smell.  Like rainbows, or that joyous feeling when a fresh episode of your favorite show hits Hulu.  Congratulations . . . you may have just come up with Coca-Cola’s next flavor.  (???)

Back in February, they released a new soda called Starlight that’s supposed to taste like outer space.  Now they’ve got another one that’s supposed to taste like PIXELS.  It’s called Coca-Cola Byte, and it’ll be available through their website starting May 2nd.

It’s not clear what it REALLY tastes like, but it’s supposed to appeal to gamers.  A virtual version of it actually debuted in the game Fortnite last month, probably to generate buzz.  And it sounds like more of these abstract flavors are on the way.