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Check Out The Simpsons Real Life Town of Springfield

The Simpson’s Sunday night television show has surpassed every other television series with its 34th season set to begin this fall.

Generations have grown up with Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, along with the cast of people in the factious town of Springfield.

Prior to the mid 1970’s, “Gunsmoke” held the title for the longest running series in TV history with a 20 year run.

Since then, “Law and Order”, “Family Guy” and even “South Park” have left Marshall Dillon in their wake.

So what would the animated town of Springfield look like in real life?

My daughter Monica took a family vacation that included Universal Studios in California, and the larger than life town of Springfield USA, home of the most famous animated family in American History.

Thanks to Monica, Scott, Sarah, and Ally for sharing a few photos of their trip to Universal Studios Hollywood.