Buttcheek Jeans Are Now On Sale!

Want to have people staring at your arse all day?  Of course you do.  That’s why these exist. If you are told multiple times that you have a great butt… why not flaunt it?

A British fashion company called Pretty Little Thing just made the latest entry into the modern Stupid Jeans Trend:  Butt rip jeans.  They’re basically just regular jeans but the lower half of the butt is totally ripped out, so both of your cheeks spill out of them.

I’m not sure how you where you could wear them. The club maybe. I wouldn’t recommend wearing them on public transportation, or to work.

But if you want ’em, they’re on sale for $34, which is actually reasonable.



(Via: Mashable

Rich Birdsall

Rich Birdsall

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