Binghamton Pub Creates New Holiday

On Friday September 1 at 7 p.m., the Belmar Pub on main street in Binghamton, will be hosting the first annual Thirty-three Cecils Day in honor of Binghamton native Everett De Morier’s book by the same name. The event will be a celebration of life, Binghamton, and the story behind the new holiday. There will be food, drinks, and door prizes as well as a book signing and visit from the author and publisher.

Thirty-three Cecils is a crime and mystery novel set in 1992. The novel has won top fiction prizes at the London Book Festival and has been a required text for high school and university students. It is currently being developed as a major motion picture by Sunset River Productions, who plan to shoot the film in Binghamton.

Everett De Morier, who now lives in Delaware, grew up in the Binghamton area and is a friend of Morning Zone host Tejay from our sister station 102.5 The Vault.