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Back Talk with Rich Birdsall – Sibling Rivalry

Dear Rich Birdsall:

I know you used to take questions from people and answer them in your view. I was wondering what your take on my situation would be?

Ok, here’s what happened. A war broke out at my house last weekend after both of my daughters won their softball games. Their teams will now compete against one another for the championship on Saturday. The twins play on opposite teams and are no longer speaking to one another! My husband takes the oldest twin to her games while I take the youngest to hers. Last night, we were eating dinner when the girls asked us, who we were rooting for to win. My husband and I were speechless and said we would be proud of them no matter what. Both of them said that was a weak answer and started bickering. I am secretly hoping for my youngest to win because I’ve been following her team all year. Does that make me a bad parent? Is it wrong that I am rooting for her?

I don’t believe it makes you a bad parent!!!! It’s only natural to root for a team you’ve been following! Your “official answer” of course should be Win or lose you both are winners in my book!!” or comically you could say “I want a tie game!” or ” (daughter 1) didnt do her chores yesterday so….” you know what I mean?  or make it a FRIENDLY sibling rivalry between the two and you could compete with Dad as well!! Just keep it light and fun if you can. The girls will remember how you handled the situation and probably use it as a basis of how they handle conflict in the future! or Maybe not. 🙂