Are You Keeping Lockdown Habits?

They say it takes three weeks to form a habit. While quarantined for nearly three months, Americans had ample time to start a self-improvement habit.

Alyx Gorman admitted that coronavirus got her into diligent hand-washing. She said, (quote) “It costs nothing, takes little time, and I’ve come to find the ritual quite pleasant.”

A fan of music started an “album club.” Like a book club but for listening to music. The first Zoom meeting of the album club discussed Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia. They talked about their “least favorite tracks, the cringiest lyrics and gossip about Dua.”

Celina Rebiero started to plan meals in advance to reduce the time spent shopping. The habit reduced her grocery bills and food never went to waste. Roommates now gather every night for dinner.

Because fitness centers closed, Josh Taylor began running in his suburb. Now he cannot go a day without hitting the pavement. A side benefit, (quote) “I’ve discovered so much more of my local area.”

Natalie Parletta may never again color her hair. The 19,000 members of “Growing Grey Gracefully” Facebook group gave her confidence. She said, (quote) “No regrets. No more trips to the hairdresser to hide the dreaded regrowth. No more chemicals and no more exorbitant fees. Freedom!”


(VIA: The Guardian, U.K.)