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The Children’s Home Wish List 2019

Prospect Mountain Project Traffic Update

Starting on Tuesday, November 7 through Thursday, November 9 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. I-81/Rout 17 West will be

Video Drive of The New Prospect Mountain

Prospect Mountain Construction Project just posted a video of the new traffic changes… FROM BEHIND THE WHEEL!   Check them

This Girl’s “3rd Wheel” Pic Goes Viral

You probably have seen this already. There’s a family from Whittier, California whose Christmas card is going viral and turning

This 6 Year Old Kids Letter To Santa Is Brutal

We all remember asking Santa for a bike, a pony, some GI Joes or Barbies… this kid’s letter is downright

College Student Has To Dress As A Christmas Tree For the Semester

If you want to get a whole lot of Twitter retweets, just… do something humiliating. A college student named Kelsey

Starbucks Has a New Christmas Tree Frappuccino

The new Christmas Tree Frappuccino is going on sale today, and it’ll be available through Monday. So what is it?

Surviving the Dentist During the Holidays

So you have a broken, rotted, disgusting molar and it’s killing you. You have shopping to do still, cookies to

Back Talk with Rich Birdsall

I have done this in the past, and we are doing it again! As I’ve stated before, I have been

The Friends Husband – Back Talk

Dear Rich Birdsall: I went to a holiday party for singles last week and was stunned when I saw my

This Is What Happens When Grampa Babysits

Grandson Zayn and Granddaughter Noor just won’t listen to me. Hangin’ out at the house, with me supervising.

How To Cure Your NYE Hangover

I’ve always said that if you’re hungover drink Gatorade and take four ibuprofen. Heck it would be advantageous for you

Carol Heath of Vestal is Our Winner!

Carol won a $200.00 gift card from Creative Sight and Sound and Magic 101 7… The gift card is good

Dangerously Cold Wind Possible

Dangerously cold wind chills are possible. Dropping as low as 30 below zero, especially Friday night into Saturday. Wind chills

Foods that warm your body!

Here is the article I talked about on air today of some foods that will help keep your body warm

Local Girl Needs Help Feeding Hungry Kids

Hey everyone, meet little Susan. She is currently working really hard to meet a goal of getting 1000 boxes of

Binghamton’s “Definition” is Less Than Stellar.

Whenever we hear a new term come out over here we tend to run to Urban Dictionary for the down-low on what

Abandoned – Charlotte Kenyon Elementary[WATCH]

New episodes of Abandoned are coming soon to Magic 101.7. So to remind you of whats coming back… Let’s remember

If It’s Cold, Be Sexy On A Warmer Day

The weather forecast said -40 and she wore a miniskirt. It’s important to be sexy I suppose, especially when you’re

Dumb Photo of The Day

If your spouse is unbelievably messy and you want to shame them into changing, going viral with a list of

New Cheaters Edition of Monopoly For The Fall

Do you cheat at Monopoly?  It’s apparent that everyone does. Besides, your family and friends probably you for helping to

Florida Man Leads Local Police on a Chase to Endwell – WATCH

A multi department police chase today around noon that came to stop by the dead end of Scarbourgh Drive in

Baby Porcupette(young porcupine) born at Binghamton Zoo!

Press Release from Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park: The newest addition to the Binghamton Zoo made its arrival on Super Bowl

These Songs Were #1 Back in the Day

Looking Back is fun, and makes us feel old. I was just tossing memories of songs from my youth around

These Songs Were #1 Back in the Day

Looking Back is fun, and makes us feel old. I was just tossing memories of songs from my youth around

Bring Your Family To Dinner with UHS!

Come enjoy dinner! You’ll find an array of tastiness, including Spiedie sandwich, ziti, salad, dessert and a beverage! Featuring: Live

7 Popular Stores That May Have Compromised your Credit Card Info

These stores are places we go EVERYDAY. It looks like we have a potential issue with our credit card information

Win A Complete Car Detail Package

Magic101.7 and Wreckz 2 Rods in Vestal is giving you a chance to win a complete car detailing package. Listen

Cardi B Admits She Used to Drug Men and Rob Them

It’s great to be self-made. To come from nothing and build an empire.  That’s the American Dream, right?  Well, maybe

Tone Loc Freaks Out On A Kid Wearing The Confederate Flag

The video IS censored, but poorly. So… It’s NSFW. Rapper TONE LOC confronted a kid wearing a Confederate flag hat,

Crocs with a Fannypack?

Photo credit: CROCS X BEAMS   What happens when one of the most embarrassing fashion trends of all time gets-it-on

Tonawanda Woman Asks 911 Operator for Help with a Murder

This woman REALLY misinterpreted how 911 works. There’s a 54-year-old woman named Zelda Cotton from Tonawanda, New York.  And she

Guacamole Cheese Will be a Cinco de Mayo Hero

Cinco de Mayo is just a week away, so bring on the tacos, nachos, burritos and… guacamole cheese. Fresh Market

Adults Can Give Themselves Stickers for Doing a Good Job

There’s an entire generation that grew up getting trophies and stickers for all of their achievements . . . and

Facebook’s New Dating Service Launches Later This Year

Are we really ready to trust Facebook to invade ANOTHER part of our personal lives? Facebook just announced that its

An Ice Cream Shop Has Replaced the Bananas in a Banana Split with Pickles

I guess there’s a small chance this combination of flavors could taste good. And a much better chance this combination

10 Most Annoying Things Drivers Say We Do in Ubers and Lyfts

If you didn’t know, you don’t just get to rate Uber and Lyft drivers… they get to rate YOU.  So

Peter Mayhew, aka Chewbacca, has died at the age of 74.

The NY Daily News claims Star Wars star Peter Mayhew, aka Chewbacca, has died at the age of 74. The

Just in Time for Mother’s Day: Lingerie to Dress Up Your Washing Machine

Hey, if you want to get divorced, here’s the Mother’s Day gift you should give your wife on Sunday. Someone

Anti-Vaxxers Have Brought Measles Back

At least Flat Earthers aren’t putting our lives at risk.  Anti-vaxxers, on the other hand, are. If you’re over 30,

Another Contender for the Worst National Anthem Ever

The plague of people butchering the national anthem continues.  This time it’s a guy at a minor league baseball game

The New Viral Trend Is Putting Shaving Cream in Your Crocs

Now THIS is what Crocs were really made for. There’s a new viral video challenge where people are filling up

High School Teacher’s List of Viral Slang Terms

Ever listen to your kid talk and say to yourself… “What the hell does that even mean?” So didn’t a

Sex workers seek decriminalization

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — More than 100 current and former sex workers are encouraging New York lawmakers to repeal a

Hershey’s Redesigned Their Chocolate Bars for the First Time in 125 Years,Adding Emojis

Hershey’s is about to break a 125-year-old tradition just for the sake of putting smiley faces on chocolate. You ❤️

Back Talk with Rich Birdsall – Sibling Rivalry

Dear Rich Birdsall: I know you used to take questions from people and answer them in your view. I was

Coca-Cola Is Bringing Back “New Coke”

Coca-Cola is hoping a failed product from the 1980s will help it go viral in 2019. The company is bringing

Justin Bieber Is Releasing a Plant-Based Deodorant

This fall, Justin is releasing an all-natural, plant-based deodorant called Here + Now.  It’ll be vegan and cruelty-free.  Supposedly, Justin’s wife HAILEY has

Jobs That Make You the Most Dateable

If you want to be more dateable, it’s easy.  Just go knock out a quick decade of medical school and

Jennifer Garner’s 8 Life Tips for Graduates

Jennifer Garner gave the commencement speech at Denison University in Ohio.  That’s where she graduated in 1994.  And she had

Coin Purse That Looks Like a Very Realistic Human Mouth

人肉小銭入れ作りました — doooo (@44doooo) June 1, 2019 This is what nightmares are made of. An artist in Japan just

Stretcher Spins Like Crazy During a Chopper Rescue

This video was everywhere yesterday. A helicopter sent down a stretcher to rescue an injured 74-year-old hiker in Arizona on

CPR Dummies with Boobs Are Coming

Research has shown women are 27% less likely to receive CPR in public than men. The “Womanikin” hopes to change

Fathers Day – A Rich Birdsall Viewpoint

Before you start this read on my Fathers Day viewpoint, and begin immediately judging me… 🙂  I want to point

Busting The Top 5 Summertime Myths!

In honor of today being the first day of summer, we’re busting five of the most common summertime MYTHS…  

A Guy Burned His Truck Rescuing People from a Fire, Toyota Gave Him a New One

Allyn Pierce is an intensive care unit nurse in Paradise, California.  And last year, he risked his life to save

Mold in a Hotel Room Coffee Maker Is Going Viral

This is going to change your approach to making coffee in hotel rooms for the rest of your life, and

A Six-Year-Old Girl Got a Toy Company to Start Making Little Green Army Women

Young people have really entered the fray and started voicing their opinions the last few years.  But this is REALLY

You Sleep Better With Your Dog in the Bedroom

It’s a good idea to sleep with your dog.  No, not like THAT.  Relax, perverts. According to a new study

Four Things That Happen to Your Body When You Sit All Day

We sit a lot more than people used to, and it’s taking a toll on our bodies. Here are four

The Navy Says UFO Video Is Real and Shouldn’t Have Gotten Out

Back in December of 2017, three videos were posted online that showed footage taken by Navy pilots that supposedly showed

A “Sexy Mr. Rogers” Costume for Women Is on Sale for Halloween

There’s a new Halloween costume on sale this year, ladies, if you want to dress up like … SEXY MR.

A Guy Installs a Safe in the Fridge to Stop His Fiancée From Eating His Chocolate

Are you sick of going to the fridge to eat something and finding that someone else in your house already

JONAS BROTHERS: You Gotta Have Friends

The Jonas Brothers took some time over the weekend to show a little love for Friends — which is in

Celebrities Name Their Worst Onscreen Kiss

Celebrities continue to claim there’s nothing glamorous about displaying affection for the cameras. Even so, some onscreen kisses are PARTICULARLY

How to Scam Scammers Into Giving You Money

Have you ever stayed on the phone with a scammer, just to waste their time?  Well, this is even better! 

Win a Remote Car Starter From Creative Sight And Sound!


Football Coach Stops School Shooting and Hugs the Kid

There was almost a school shooting in Oregon in May. But a football coach stopped it. Now the security footage

Altered Version of the ‘Alphabet Song’… NO!

OK. I’M DONE WITH THIS! First they try to change the date of Halloween, now they wanna change the alphabet

Elf on the Shelf Cereal Is Coming This Christmas

If having an elf on your shelf doesn’t fully fill your elf and/or shelf needs this Christmas, the brand is

Makeup Samplers at Stores Are Covered in STDs

Before you try out some lipstick or eye shadow from the makeup counter at a store, just remember this:  That

Pabst Blue Ribbon Is Selling a 99-Pack of Beer

Why show up to a party with a 30-pack of beer like some kind of lightweight when you could roll

Popeyes Has a New Chicken Sandwich Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you’re looking for a last-minute ugly Christmas sweater that really sums up one of the hottest trends of the

New Slanted Torture Toilet Shortens Bathroom Breaks

What is it with The Man cracking down on employee POOPS this week? First there was an office’s weird “smell

Burger King manager freaks out and attacks employees and customers.

Burger King manager freaks out and attacks employees and customers. from r/PublicFreakout This Burger King Manager needs a little anger

136 Year Old Levi’s… Can you Tell? NOPE!

These jeans are 136 years old and were found on a mine. They were mining for gold and someone brought

Bible from 1848 – Bound in Hairy Human Skin

GOOD GAWD!! Not cool man! Worse yet, this thing IS FOR SALE!! This expertly bound Bible from 1848, bound… by

Inappropriate and Unprofessional Firefighter Group Selfie.

A group selfie shared on their social media on New Year’s Eve has sparked a controversy.  A group of Detroit

You Can Buy a Scarf That Looks Like CVS Receipt

CVS is famous for its ridiculously long receipts. So this seems like a fitting way to celebrate them. There are

McDonald’s Monopoly Game Was RIGGED!

McMillions (2020): Official Trailer | HBO via @YouTube Think of all the time you spent diligently collecting your McDonald’s

2020 Southern Tier Heart Walk

Join Magic 101.7  for the 2020 Southern Tier Heart Walk On Sunday, April 5, 2020 ….   To sign up

Reynolds Wrap Has Expanded Its Human Feedbag

Last year around this time, Reynolds Wrap debuted a HUMAN FEEDBAG… you strap it to yourself and it had insulated

New Emojis Will Have Some Bugs, a Boomerang, and a Non-Gendered Santa?

The Unicode Consortium is the group that runs the official set of EMOJIS, and they just announced the 117 new

Does Wearing a Face Mask Really Protect You from the Coronavirus?

The coronavirus has been all over the news.  You’ve probably seen footage of people in China walking around with face

Salvation Army of Binghamton Accepts Donation From Mirabito

(Left to right: Mirabito Energy Products Sales & Marketing Director Kevin Quinton, Salvation Army Advisory Board Member Bill Ritter, Salvation

Woman Photoshops Roaches on a Picture of Her Kid, Now He Won’t Stop Bathing

Is this a genius modern parenting trick, or a way to turn a kid into a lifelong hypochondriac?  It’s such

Here Are the Repairs That Millennials Admit They Can’t Do

According to a new survey, less than a quarter of millennials say they’re GOOD at fixing things around the house.

Safety Rules That Modern Parents Have to Set for Their Kids

Parents today have SO much more stuff to worry about than our parents did. Our parents’ safety rules were basically,

Some People May Soon Get the Green Light to Go Back to Work, and More

Here are some of the major coronavirus developments that are making headlines right now . . .   1.  Dr.

Need To Get Back To Work NOW? Click Here

Dr. Anthony Fauci says the White House coronavirus task force is considering giving the green light to a select group of

Does Wearing Gloves to the Store Actually Increase Your Risk?

If you’ve been wearing gloves to the store, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona says they might actually do

New York executive order allows store owners to deny entry to people without masks

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a new executive order Thursday that will allow private store owners to refuse service

School Age Child Care Summer Program

STCC: School Age Child Care Summer Program (SACC) Monday – Friday 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CLICK HERE TO SIGN

Cattle Troughs Are the Newest Hipster Pool Sensation

With public pools closed, lots of people are looking for home options.  But above-ground pools aren’t always the most attractive

A Butcher Says His Meat Vending Machine Is a Hit

Even if there WASN’T a pandemic making face-to-face contact risky, I think I’d still love this idea. A butcher in

More “Good News” Stories from the George Floyd Protests

Here are a few more good news stories from the protests: 1.  A 16-year-old kid named Stefan Perez helped lead a


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that Americans have misused bleach to thwart COVID-19. For example, they’re

Are You Keeping Lockdown Habits?

They say it takes three weeks to form a habit. While quarantined for nearly three months, Americans had ample time

Toxic Hand Sanitizers, Stop Using Them Immediately

Don’t let this scare you away from using hand sanitizer, because it’s an important tool for fighting the virus.  But

Raising a Child Now Costs a Grand Total of $252,000

The extra $500 parents received per kid from the stimulus bill is about to feel like chump change… A new

There Wasn’t Much Social Distancing at Chase Rice’s or Chris Janson’s Concerts on Saturday

CHASE RICE and CHRIS JANSON did shows in different parts of the country on Saturday… and people are mad at

What’s Something You’ve Said Recently That Would Make No Sense in 2019?

2020 is half over, and it’s fair to say the world has changed A TON in these past six months.

Five More Toxic Hand Sanitizers

The FDA just added five more names to its list of TOXIC hand sanitizers you should throw out immediately. Last

Five Tips for Wearing Your Face Mask This Summer

If you’re worried about wearing a face mask in the summer heat, here are five tips to make it more

A Genuinely Terrifying “Karen” Halloween Mask Has Arrived

It only makes sense that the most horrifying Halloween mask this year might be one that looks like someone who

TikTok-er Works a Free Restaurant Food Hack

Restaurants love to give you free food on your birthday.  The problem is… your birthday only comes once a year. 

Have You Been Drinking at Work?

Happy hour can start a little earlier when you’re working from home.  So a new survey looked at the states

6 Cheap Products That Make the Pandemic a Little Easier

What’s your best pandemic purchase so far?  And is there anything small you’ve bought that’s made things easier?  Here are

Pepsi’s New Relaxation Drink to Help You Sleep

After a century of trying to keep you awake, now Pepsi wants to put you to sleep. Pepsi just announced

Taco Bell’s 1st Wine — “Jalapeño Noir”

It’s already been a huge week for bad wine.  First, Franzia debuted a new backpack that can hold an entire

Sam Adams and Auntie Anne’s Are Selling an At-Home Oktoberfest Kit

Most of the big Oktoberfest events would have started this week if they hadn’t been cancelled because of COVID-19.  So

DMV Closures and your Expired Inspection

The New York DMV has moved to include state inspections in its order. Inspections due in March have been extended

Nutmobile Traveling the Country

If you were listening to Rich Birdsall on The Magic 101.7 Morning Show this morning, you heard about A 26-foot

New 2021 Emoji’s!

The organization that controls our emojis just announced the new ones that will be coming to our phones next year. 

Hilarious Cease-and-Desist Order Sent to Bill Murray

BILL MURRAY has been using the song “Listen to the Music” by the DOOBIE BROTHERS in ads for his Zero Hucks Given golf

National Coffee Day Deals List

Here’s a list of some of the most popular deals you can expect to find at a restaurant/chain near you

Do you brush your teeth before your morning coffee?

You probably don’t like the idea of having coffee after your teeth are brushed and minty clean, but it turns

Peeps Makeup Line Is Out in Time for Easter

You don’t have to just reluctantly EAT Peeps this year on Easter, you can also reluctantly LOOK like a Peep.

The Newest Energy Drink Is… Perrier Water?

It seems like every drink brand in the world feels like they’re required by law to make either a hard

Texas Roadhouse in Vestal is celebrating Easter!

Our friends at Texas Roadhouse in Vestal is celebrating Easter by donating free kids meal vouchers to local classrooms, clubs,

$2,400 to Go Without Screens for 24 Hours

It’s amazing that we’re all SO addicted to our screens that this genuinely sounds like a challenge. A website called

Vote To Help Mr. Monopoly Update Community Chest Cards

Hasbro announced that MONOPOLY is getting a, quote, “refresh.”  They’ll be changing all 16 Community Chest cards for the first

Sugar OR Shrimp? You Decide

here’s a guy named Jensen Karp in Los Angeles.  He’s a writer and a comedian, and much more importantly, he’s

Guy’s Opening Tinder Line – French Fry Recipe… and It Works

No matter how charming you think you are, no one will ever like you more than French fries. There’s a

Hey, meet my newborn daughter, Ms. Garlic Powder Birdsall!

If you’re looking for inspiration for baby names, maybe your answer is sitting in your spice rack? It seems like

Four Signs It’s Time to Take a Break from Social Media

Chrissy Teigen quit Twitter earlier this week after revealing it was taking a toll on her mental health.  It’s probably

PPE And Hand Sanitizer Are Tax Deductible

The IRS says coronavirus masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes qualify as medical expenses and can be taken as tax

Oscar Mayer Is Selling Shoelaces That Smell Like Bacon

This seems like a really good way to get random dogs to lick your feet. Oscar Mayer just announced they’re

Seven Things You Shouldn’t Do When Getting Your Vaccine

Vaccines are opening up to more people.  So here are seven things you SHOULDN’T do when you get your vaccine…

It’s Time For Some NERD NEWS!

It’s time for “Nerd News,” covering the most important news for your brain you may have missed.  Here’s a quick

Moderna COVID 19 Vaccine Only Protects For 6 Months

Concerning news for the millions of Americans who’ve already received both doses Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine. New research shows the vaccine will only protect you against illness for a minimum of six months.

U.S. recommending a “PAUSE” Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine

The U.S. is recommending a “pause” in the administration of the single-dose Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine to investigate reports

Red Target Ball Rolls Over Woman

The News Tribune says a Tacoma, Washington woman was recently injured by one of the red concrete balls that sit

Someone Tore Up Their Carpet and Found a Huge Monopoly Board

Have you torn up the carpet in your house since you moved in?  You REALLY never know what you might

DICK’S Sporting Goods Open Concert Details

Organizers of the DICK’S Sporting Goods Open announced new details for the event on Thursday afternoon. Organizers announced there will

A Coffee Company Will Pay $3,000 for You to Take More Breaks

If one of the skills you wish you could put on your resume is, “Really good at taking breaks”… this

Buy a Fake Muscle Bodysuit to Make You Look Jacked

If you want to be RIPPED and don’t mind blatant false advertising… you’re gonna love this. There’s a product on

Couple Squatting For Their Wedding

I guess if you find the perfect spot for your wedding, you do what it takes to book it. Or,

Felony Charge for Not Returning a VHS Tape in 1999

There’s nothing like finding out you’re a WANTED FELON over a technology that basically doesn’t even exist anymore. There’s a

A Guy Who Had 35 Girlfriends Is Busted for Fraud

So why did he have so many girlfriends?  It seems like he wasn’t in it for the sex or emotional companionship or even out of some deep insecurity about his own handsomeness and charm, he was in it for…

Hospital Messed Up Birth Certificate – Kid’s Legal Name Is “Korn”

Every parent dreams their child will one day grow up to feel like a freak on a leash….

Gov. Cuomo announces New York State Fair will return in August

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Monday (April 26) the New York State Fair will return in August.

Barista’s Picture of a Customer’s Insane Order Goes Viral

I feel like the people at Starbucks judge me when I try to make one modification to a drink.  It’s

It’s Time to Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

It’s time to do something you maybe didn’t do last year, or the year before, or ever.  But yes, they

Mark Wahlberg’s New Dad Bod After A 30lb Weight Gain

For an upcoming movie called “Stu”, MARK WAHLBERG has gained 20 pounds in three weeks, and he’s trying to pack on

New Trend Is Taking Pics of Your Stomach Before and After You Eat

A 24-year-old woman named Clara Guillem from Nashville, Tennessee started posting selfies on TikTok that show her stomach before she eats a big meal, and then one that shows her after.

Four Times It Might Make Sense to Wear a Mask After the Pandemic

Here are four times you might still want to wear a mask even after the pandemic ends…

Is the McDonald’s Ice Cream Machine Broken?

Drove all the way to McDonald’s only to find that the ice cream machine is broken and you won’t be getting a McFlurry. Save yourself the trip by checking first.

Life Hacks You Need

Life’s hard enough, so when someone puts together a list of amazing life hacks, we pay attention.

Pre-Rusted Brand-New Cars Are Now a Thing?

I guess the idea here is to give your car a “vintage” look.  A high-end auto shop in the U.K.

His Girlfriend Was Going to Move In, So He Burned His House Down

A man in Utah burned down his own mobile home last month so that he wouldn’t have to worry about his girlfriend moving in with him. Police charged him this week with aggravated arson, a first-degree felony.

Nerd News!

It’s time for “Nerd News,” covering the most important news for your brain you may have missed.   Here’s a

You’ve Been Attacked by a Ninja Jeans Are Selling for $375

Will fashion companies ever run out of new ways to make jeans feel trendy?  We’ve now hit the point where

Clip-On Man Buns Are Trending

Totally the Bomb says clip-on man buns are now trending. is selling the bun. It has two fine combs

Balenciaga Is Going to Start Selling Stiletto Crocs

Here’s the dumbest new fashion trend no one will be able to afford anyway.  The brand Balenciaga is going to

The Trucker Who Looks Like Amy Schumer, and Once Killed Someone?

AMY SCHUMER was trending yesterday, for a strange reason that just got stranger. A truck stop in Tennessee posted a picture

Having a Song Stuck in Your Head Messes with Your Sleep

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head . . . then woke up the next day, and

What’s Something You Secretly Judge People For?

We try not to be too judgmental.  But what’s something stupid that you secretly judge other people for?  Here are

There’s a Massive Girl Scout Cookie Surplus

The federal government has a strategic oil reserve.  Maybe now’s the time to add a strategic COOKIE reserve.  Because there’s

Five More Myths People Still Believe

Did you know that adding salt to a pot of water does NOT make it boil faster?  It actually raises

State lifts majority of virus restrictions as vaccination rate reaches 70%

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Today (6/15/21) that New York State will lift the majority of its COVID-19 restrictions effective immediately.

You Might Have “Cave Syndrome”

If the world opening back up makes you nervous, there’s now a term for it. You might be dealing with “CAVE SYNDROME.”

Nine Great Songs to Celebrate Father’s Day

This is the weekend to celebrate dad bods and dad jokes, so why not dad songs too? has a list of nine Father’s Day songs that pay tribute to pops.  Check ’em out:

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds…

Victoria’s Secret Getting Rid Of Angels

Business Insider says Victoria’s Secret is getting rid of its Angels because they are no longer culturally relevant. The company

More People Than Ever Are Living In A Van …

Because of climbing housing costs and the ease and increasing acceptance of remote work, more people are getting out of

Time to Start Changing Bucket Lists!

When you think of bucket lists, you think of exciting things you want to do or exotic places you want

Over 80 People Were Caught In an Illegal Coupon Ring?

Authorities in Montgomery County, Texas, near Houston, have just completed an eight-month investigation that uncovered an illegal, underground crime ring known as “Dark Side.” And what kind of crime was Dark Side wrapped up in?  They were producing counterfeit COUPONS!

Construction Season Is Here

The New York State Department of Transportation has several projects going on….

Paris Hilton Lands A Cooking Show On Netflix

Giving a whole new meaning to “That’s hot,” Paris Hilton is getting her own cooking show on Netflix called Cooking

Hallmark Is Pairing Wine With Their Movies

Need the right wine for your next Hallmark movie? Hallmark has you covered. The Hallmark Channel already has their own

Pizza Hut Is Selling Its Classic Red Cups From the ’90s

Remember those red plastic cups Pizza Hut used to have?  Well, they must have realized we’ll open our wallets for

It’s Time For… NERD NEWS!

It’s time for “Nerd News,” covering the most important news for your brain you may have missed.  Here’s a quick

Taco Bell Is Giving 100 People Free Tacos for a Year

Well this would make deciding on lunch a whole lot easier:  Taco Bell is running a contest and giving 100

Four Things Hotels Don’t Want You to Know

A thread on Reddit went viral after someone asked hotel employees to spill their dirtiest secrets.  And we won’t blame

Pumpkin Spice Cup Noodles Will Arrive This Fall

Someone decided pumpkin spice RAMEN is a thing people might want.
Cup Noodles just announced they’re selling a new pumpkin spice flavor this fall. 

Six Flags in Texas to introduce ‘world’s steepest drop’ rollercoaster

If you travel to find the latest and greatest roller coaster thrills .. Get ready!! Six Flags in Texas recently

Mountain Dew with Alcohol Is Coming Next Year

Pepsi announced they’ll start selling boozy MOUNTAIN DEW next year.  They’re partnering with The Boston Beer Company, which owns Sam Adams and the hard seltzer brand Truly.

Broome, Delaware, Chenango Counties move up to “high” rate of COVID-19 transmission

Things are getting worse for Broome, Chenango and Delaware Counties as COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly. The counties have gone

Fake Vaccine Cards Selling For $25

Fake vaccine cards are selling online for $25. The FBI says it is a federal crime to forge the seal

The Best Possible “Monopoly” Strategy

“Monopoly” is a board game that almost everyone knows… almost no one wants to play… and once started, almost never

The Girl Scouts Are Adding a New Cookie for the 2022 Season

The Girl Scouts are adding a new cookie called “Adventurefuls” . . . and they’re a “brownie-inspired treat featuring a caramel-flavored cream center, a drizzle of chocolate sauce, and a touch of sea salt.”

Facebook plans new group name to revamp image

Facebook Inc, under fire from regulators and lawmakers over its business practices, is planning to rebrand itself with a new

Gingerbread Kit Kats and Reese’s Peanut Brittle Are Coming

We’ve gone through the pumpkin spice phase of the year.  Now here come the holiday foods:  Hershey’s just unveiled its new holiday

It’s National Tongue Twister Day!

It’s International Tongue Twister Day (11/08/21), and you know we’re always up for a challenge.  So we put together a

Coffee Every 4 Hrs Could Stave Off “Seasonal Affective Disorder”

Daylight Saving Time just ended, and the days are getting shorter.  That means we’ll get less and less sunlight, which

President Biden Farted on Camilla Parker Bowles

At the COP26 climate summit in Scotland last week, PRESIDENT BIDEN talked about cutting emissions.  But then he INCREASED his

New Dating Trends Include “Communidating,” “Hesidating,” and “Baecations”

The dating site Plenty of Fish just put out a fun list of new dating trends they expect to see

No Leftovers? Thanksgiving is RUINED!

No one wants to run out of food on Thanksgiving… although if it happens this year, you can blame “supply

The Best Veterans Day Discounts for Those Who Served

It’s Veterans Day, and the absolute least we can do is thank a veteran for their service.  But the NEXT-least

Pee Wee Herman Is Going to Host a Radio Show

PEE WEE HERMAN gets to host his own radio show.  It’ll air on a Santa Monica-based station called KCRW on

DoorDash Driver Delivers Food to DJ, Defecates in Lobby Trash

This story hits home, because it happened to one of our own: A radio host in L.A. named Lisa Stanley

Groom Got Sick, So the Bride Used a Ridiculous Stand-In

The pandemic has delayed a lot of weddings.  But a couple in North Carolina refused to put theirs on hold

Six Hot Cocoa Hacks

If you’re an over-achiever, here are some various hot chocolate “hacks” to try: 1.  Add two ounces of espresso, plus

Have You Heard About the Dating Trend Called “Snow-Globing”?

Have you heard about the dating trend called “snow-globing” yet? It’s when someone uses the holidays to make you think

Grapes could prevent a heart attack

The latest food that might help your heart? Grapes. A new study from UCLA found that just four weeks of

Arby’s New Sandwich Is So Spicy, It Comes with a Milkshake

Can this sandwich really be THAT spicy, or is it just a clever marketing scheme?  Arby’s has a new menu

Twinkie-Flavored Coffee Creamer Now Exists

Hostess has been selling Twinkie-flavored Keurig pods for several years.  But if you need your coffee to be even Twinkier

Four Reasons You Shouldn’t Try to Get Omicron

A woman in Australia went viral this week after a video showed her actively TRYING to get Omicron from people. 

Now, Girl Scout Cookies Can Be Delivered By… DoorDash

It’s Girl Scout cookie season, which means girls everywhere are hitting the pavement, looking to tempt YOU out of your

Generation X Is Now Old Enough to Get Their Own Museum

Generation X’s “cool” cred has been bleeding out for YEARS now, and this is probably the last nail in the

A Woman Drove on a Frozen River and Took Selfies on Top of Her Sinking Car

All I can say is this lady is lucky Canadians are so nice. On Sunday, a young woman near Ottawa

A Fearless Amazon Driver Scares Away a Bear

This happened last week in Upland, California, about 35 miles east of L.A.  It’s security cam of an Amazon driver

Little Debbie Snacks Are Getting Their Own Ice Cream

If you’ve stuck to your resolution to get in shape, well done.  You’ve almost made it through your first month. 

Misheard Phrases That Actually Make Sense Both Ways

If someone is on the verge of being “canceled,” are they getting a BAD RAP or a BAD REP?  That’s

Howard Hesseman from “WKRP in Cincinnati” Died Saturday

HOWARD HESSEMAN died Saturday due to complications from colon surgery. He was 81 years old. Hesseman was best known for

Hormel Made a Keg Filled with Chili Cheese Dip

Whoever wins this should do a keg stand, and then make a beeline for the closest bathroom:  The makers of

Bob Saget Died of… Head Trauma???

Authorities have determined the official cause of death for BOB SAGET, and it’s: HEAD TRAUMA. Bob’s family issued a statement

Trendy New Restaurant Food Is… Squirrel Meat

Would you give this a go, or no way?  “The New York Post” just did a big write-up on how

Super Bowl 56 Winners and Losers: The L.A. Rams, the Officiating, the Cincinnati Bengals, and Tom Brady

Super Bowl 56 is in the books.  The L.A. Rams came back from behind to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals, 23

The Best Commercials of Super Bowl 56

Super Bowl commercials set a record this year, with 30-second spots selling for $7 million.  Here are some ads that

Husband Left the Sunroof Open on Her Minivan Before a Snowstorm

Is this the worst Valentine’s Day surprise of the year?  A guy in Massachusetts was driving around in his wife’s

Health Alert: Don’t Drink Old Leftover Water from a Plastic Bottle

Do you have a reusable plastic water bottle?  And do you ever leave water in there overnight, then keep drinking

Taco-Flavored Jelly Beans Are on the Way for Easter

Taco-flavored JELLY BEANS are on the way for Easter.  And Brach’s is selling them, not some no-name brand. They’re called

Hostess Is Now Selling Caffeinated Donuts

If the old “coffee and a donut” thing is too time consuming, here’s a quicker option:  Hostess is now selling

Coca-Cola’s New Soda Tastes Like Outer Space?

You’ve gotta hand it to the folks at Coca-Cola.  Basing a flavor on something flavorless is pretty bold:  They’re debuting

Google Search Features You Haven’t Been Using

Are any of these new to us, or are we all expert-level googlers now?  Someone did a list of google

Your Pet Tries to Eat Something They Shouldn’t 4 Times a Day

Having a pet means love… companionship… expenses… and spending a significant portion of your day telling them NOT to eat

Are These Songs Going to Be Classics in 100 Years?

Not all songs were created equal and not all songs can stand the test of time.  BuzzFeed opened a poll

A Father Accidentally Shut Down His Town’s Internet, While Trying to Limit His Kids’ Screentime

If you have kids, you’ve probably gone to extreme lengths to TRY to limit their screen time.  And has ANYTHING

A Ranking of the Best and Worst Boxed Mac-and-Cheeses

If you’re like me, your relationship with BOXED macaroni and cheese has been a, well… ROLLERCOASTER OF LOVE. There are

Sister Agreed to Be Surrogate, Now Husband Wants to Save Money

Pay attention, men. This is how you land yourself in the doghouse for about a decade. A woman who’s been

Cryptocurrency scams climbed to 2nd riskiest in 2021

(Buffalo, NY) March 7, 2022 – Scams related to cryptocurrency jumped from the seventh riskiest scam in 2020 to the

Do You Really Need to Update Your Passwords Every Month?

Do you work for a company that makes you change your passwords once a month? Turns out…. They are just

Tinder Is Letting People Do Background Checks on Dates

If you’ve done online dating, you know how the messages really ramp up before meeting.  But have you ever stopped

Spreadable Cinnamon Toast Crunch Is Now a Thing That Exists

I guess it was a matter of time before the people at Cinnamon Toast Crunch realized “toast” was right there

Two Kids Made Fake Cell Phones to Avoid Their Parents’ Phone Curfew

It’s amazing how devious kids can be when they want something, especially if it’s tech-related:  A couple in England recently

Oh, Great: A Haunted Rock with a Demon Trapped in It Just Split in Two

With everything going on in the world, this is NOT what we needed right now:  There’s a boulder in Japan

Father and Son Got Caught with Meth in McDonald’s Soda

There are lots of ways to bond with your son.  But doing hard DRUGS together probably isn’t the best call…

Amazon’s New Reality James Bond TV Show

Amazon is coming out with a first-ever James Bond series.  But it’s not a wild action spy show.  It’s a

Now YOU Can Slap Chris Rock Too!

After the Oscars unveiled a slappy Will Smith, someone assumed that slapping Chris Rock needed to be a game. Slap

Bruce Willis Is Retiring

BroBible says Bruce Willis is retiring from acting because he is suffering from a rare brain disorder that affects his

Things to Look Forward to in April

Here are a few things to look forward to in April! 1.  In sports, the Final Four in the NCAA

Coca-Cola’s Newest Flavor Tastes Like . . . Pixels?

Think of something you can’t touch, taste, or smell.  Like rainbows, or that joyous feeling when a fresh episode of

A Guy Told Cops Throwing Bottles at Unsuspecting People Is Just a Thing He Enjoys Doing

Well here’s the worst hobby ever:  A 37-year-old crossing guard in New York was in the middle of doing her

Born After 2000? Do These Things Mean Anything to You?

Remember walking into a restaurant, and being asked if you’d prefer:  “Smoking . . . non-smoking . . . or

Dog Beds for Humans Are Now a Thing You Can Buy

We treat our pets like humans now.  So I guess treating ourselves like pets was the next logical step… Two

Mike Tyson Repeatedly Punched a Guy Who Was Bugging Him on an Airplane

MIKE TYSON teed off on a guy who was harassing him on an airplane on Wednesday. Mike was on his

Bill Murray Did Something Inappropriate *UPDATE*

UPDATE** We know a little bit more about what BILL MURRAY supposedly did that halted production on his upcoming movie

Someone #2’d Their Pants on a Busch Gardens Ride

You’ve probably heard someone say:  “I was so scared, I literally pooped my pants.”  And sometimes “literally” is actually LITERALLY.

Heinz Wants You to Dip Your Burger in Crushed-Up Potato Chips

Was anyone out there already doing this?  Because it’s a weird idea, but maybe genius.  Heinz has a new product

A New Rotary Cell Phone Costs $390, and You Have to Build It Yourself

Kids today have no idea what a rotary phone is, or how to use one.  Here’s an over-the-top way to

Men Are Sharing “Unwritten Man Rules”

There’s a new thread online, where men are talking about the “unwritten rules” that they have.  So if you’ve ever

Is it Time to Change the Name?

The rock and roll hall of fame was established in 1983 in Cleveland Ohio and has been inducting some of

Hot Pockets Is Now Selling Cold Pockets

I’m not sure how this didn’t happen sooner, because it’s an obvious spin-off:  Hot Pockets just announced they’re going to

The Ringling Bros. Circus Returns Next Year… Without Animals?

If you’ve missed the sights, smells, and tastes of the CIRCUS, there’s MOSTLY good news for you:  The Ringling Brothers

Taco Bell Is Testing a New Grilled Cheese Breakfast Biscuit

I know Taco Bell is barely “Mexican” food as it is, but this is pushing it:  They’re currently testing a

10 Most Common Things People Forget in Ubers

Have you ever left something behind in an Uber?  You’re DEFINITELY not the only one.  It happens constantly.  For some

Mariah Carey Is Being Sued by a Guy Who Also Has a Song Called “All I Want for Christmas Is You”

MARIAH CAREY’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is almost 30 years old . . . and some goon FINALLY got

Top 5 Reasons It’s Great to be Short.

A study finds that people over 5-foot-9 are at a higher risk of over 100 different health conditions.  So, add

Gas Hit $5 a Gallon for the First Time Ever

This isn’t the type of update we want to be giving, but the price of gas hit a new high

The Most-Feared Bug of the Summer Is…

A survey asked people what BUG they’re fearing the most this summer… and unlike the past two summers, it isn’t

Check Out The Simpsons Real Life Town of Springfield

The Simpson’s Sunday night television show has surpassed every other television series with its 34th season set to begin this

Is “Two Weeks’ Notice” Outdated?

A post on LinkedIn is circulating and leading to arguments on both sides of the fence about whether or not

The Binghamton Black Bears Get A New Head Coach

The Binghamton Black Bears announced today that the club has named Gary Gill as the new head coach for the

Saturday Morning Cartoons -Growing Up In A Real-Time World

Looking back at the days of my youth in the 1970’s children in American had a much different lifestyle than

Gen Z is Sharing What Annoys Them About Their Own Generation

Lots of people complain about Gen Z . . . which is anyone born from around 1996 to 2012.  But

Earn $1,000 to Taste-Test Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Everything

Don’t lie on your résumé about this, because you won’t enjoy the gig:  Do you love pumpkin spice?  If so,

Are These the Songs with the Most Misheard Lyrics Ever?

This seems a little SKETCH to me, but the website WordFinder claims to have conducted a survey to determine the

It’s Telephone Tuesday!

If you call customer service today, you might be on hold a little longer than usual:  It’s TELEPHONE TUESDAY, the

Things That Were Socially Acceptable in 2002, But Aren’t Today

The world is a different place than it was 20 years ago.  We’ve been introduced to “American Idol”, Tom Brady

Cup Noodles Is Selling Pumpkin Spice Ramen… Again

I’m shocked this was popular enough for a second run, but pumpkin spice RAMEN will be back again this year.

Our Condolences to the English Parliament

She died peacefully on Thursday afternoon at her Scottish estate, where she had spent much of the summer. The Queen

Man Drives Vehicle Into Surf on Navy Beach at Cape Henlopen

We’ve heard of people doing some ridiculously stupid and dangerous things while drinking and driving… but this is new.  

It’s Pepperoni Pizza Day – Do These Toppings Belong on a Pizza?

If you’re looking for an excuse NOT to cook tonight, today is National Pepperoni Pizza Day. A new poll asked

Weird, Random Possessions of Betty White’s That Are on the Auction Block

More than 1,600 of Betty White’s possessions are on the auction block from now until Sunday, and Buzzfeed made a list of some of the most RANDOM items.

Pepsi Created Marshmallow, Chocolate, and Graham Cracker Sodas You Can Mix for a S’mores Soda

Pepsi has just announced THREE new flavors:  Chocolate . . . Toasted Marshmallow . . . and Graham Cracker.  They come in individual cans, and the idea is that you MIX THEM to create a S’mores soda.

Hurricane Ian Reporter Goes Viral Because Of Condom-Wrapped Mic

The NY Post says Fort Myers, Florida TV reporter Kyla Galer is going viral because of her reporting on Hurricane

Hefty’s Pumpkin Spice Trash Bags Sold Out Immediately

Hefty started selling pumpkin spice TRASH BAGS online this weekend… and almost immediately, they SOLD OUT. Hefty was selling them

“F-Bombs” After Cheating Fishermen Exposed at Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championship

“We got weights in fish!” A scandal in Cleveland that has rocked the angling world. A two-man team team competing

The Top Four Fall Driving Hazards

No matter how good of a driver you THINK you are, you’ve gotta be a little more careful this time

A Farm Got Caught Using ‘Raw Human Waste’ as Fertilizer

Some people just don’t appreciate good, locally grown, organic produce…  😀 A small farm in southern Michigan just had a


Last year, Arby’s released two different French fry-flavored vodkas. They sold out immediately. Now, they’re back in action with a

Five Things to Look Forward to in November

New day, new month!  Here are a few things to look forward to in November:   1.  The biggest shopping

Ten Things Bartenders Hate

Here’s something to help you out this weekend.  Someone asked bartenders to name annoying things customers do.  Here are a

43% of Us Miss the Chaos of Black Friday

Here’s a weird thing to be nostalgic about:  A poll found 43% of Americans miss the chaos of Black Friday


Just in time for Thanksgiving, Blue Moon is releasing miniature pies to pair with your beer. Normally, people enjoy garnishing

What’s the 411 on 411?

Thanks to the Internet, many people with landline phones who still rely on the operator for assistance, won’t be able

The “A Christmas Story” House Is for Sale

The house from “A Christmas Story” went up for sale yesterday morning in Cleveland. The price isn’t disclosed, but the

Kellogg’s wants you to make gingerbread houses out of POP-TARTS this year

Kellogg’s wants people to build gingerbread houses out of Pop-Tarts this year. And whoever makes the best one wins $15,000.

Five Tips for Transporting Thanksgiving Food

If you’re heading to a pot-luck Thanksgiving this week, this info might help. Here are five tips for transporting Thanksgiving

Woman Files $5 Million Lawsuit, Because Velveeta Takes Too Long

Ever since that McDonald’s hot coffee ruling in the ’90s, there have been a LOT of frivolous lawsuits . .

McDonald’s Giving Away 12 “McGold” Cards – Free Food for Life

You may have heard of the legendary “McGold Card,” which grants card holders free McDonald’s… FOR LIFE.  Bill Gates and

“Buddy the Elf Spaghetti” Meal Kits Go on Sale Next Week

Remember the scene in “Elf” when Will Ferrell has spaghetti for breakfast, and covers it in candy and maple syrup?

Binghamton Winter Parking Rules Now In Effect

There’s no snow on the ground, but in Binghamton, winter parking rules are now in effect. In case you don’t

JUST ASKING: Christmas Lights

Christmas light displays might be beautiful — but they can also be expensive. Even though technology has made lights more


Inspired by the classic holiday movie A Christmas Story, Miller High Life created its own leg lamp — but this

Nativity Scene Stolen, Replaced with Halloween

Whoever did this obviously hasn’t found their Christmas spirit yet. A 39-year-old guy near Cleveland called the cops last Friday

The 20 Most Expletive-Filled Christmas Movies

A language tutorial site called Preply examined 60 scripts of popular holiday movies to find out which have the most

You Can Buy One Giant, 930-Calorie Fruit Loop for $20

It’s been more than 33 YEARS since “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” came out.  And if you’ve spent that time waiting for

Gifts to Promote Self-Care

If you had to pick just one item as your “self-love” or “self-care” go-to, what would it be? Some people

What is Festivus?

Festivus is a Fictional holiday made up for  the show Seinfeld. The popularity of the show however has made this

Life Hacker Feed!

Showcasing the awesomeness that IS all the Life Hacks in one place! Lifehacker’s an award-winning daily blog that features tips,

Looking for a unique dessert this holiday season?

Van Leeuwen, the ice cream company behind such unusual flavors as Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Pizza, and Hot Honey ice

What’s Trending 01/04

– ABC says fans have donated over $3 million dollars to Damar Hamlin’s foundation, The Chasing M’s. Hamlin went into

Gas Prices May Skyrocket…

GasBuddy says U.S. fuel prices may skyrocket. Company representative Patrick DeNaan says gas could reach $4 a gallon by late

Friday’s Texas Roadhouse Impossible Question

Answer Friday’s Impossible Question during the Magic 101.7 Morning Show for a chance to win dinner for two to Texas

Top Reasons You Still Have Your Christmas Lights Up

41% of us still have our Christmas decorations up. The remaining 59% of us weren’t brilliant enough to come up with anything from today’s list of the . . . Top Reasons You Still Have Your Christmas Lights Up.

Retro Poll: People Have Never…

It’s 2023, which means that you might have to be in your 40s to remember a time BEFORE the Internet. 

Texas Roadhouse Impossible Question ANSWER-01/13/23

“42% of people do this after working out.   What is it?” Answer: Drink a protein shake   Congratulations to Josh

Texas Roadhouse Impossible Question ANSWER-01/20/23

“26% of people say this is their most hated cleaning task. What is it?” Answer: Washing Windows   Congratulations to

Here Are Our Biggest Driving Pet Peeves

Everyone says to CHILL OUT when driving and not let other drivers ruin your vibe. But even if you have

Texas Roadhouse Impossible Question ANSWER-01/27/23

“40% of people say this sound keeps them awake at night OR wakes them up. What is it?” Answer: creaky

Texas Roadhouse Impossible Question ANSWER-02/03/23

“Women say this is the biggest dating turn-off a man can have. What is it?” Answer: dirty fingernails Listen to

It’s National Pizza Day! Would You Try “The Pizza Diet”?

Happy National Pizza Day!  For some reason, there aren’t a lot of deals out there this year.  But here’s a

Texas Roadhouse Impossible Question ANSWER-02/10/23

Congratulations to Bill Sullivan for getting the question correct! Bill won dinner for two at Texas Roadhouse in Vestal!

Because you asked for it, you got it, more of the 70’s NOW ALL WEEKEND ..  The weekends now belong

Texas Roadhouse Impossible Question ANSWER-02/17/23

“39% of people do this before eating a slice of pizza. What is it?” Answer: Congratulations to Missy Nixon for

WEATHER: Winter Storm Warning

A winter storm is expected throughout the United States this week that might put our last few winters to shame.

VLADIMIR PUTIN – Pulls Out of Nuclear Treaty

Russian president Vladimir Putin raised concerns about relations with the U.S. by announcing that Russia would end its participation in

Lose Weight – Cut Your Food Into Little Pieces and Scatter Them

There are a lot of diet and fitness goals that involve “tricking yourself.”  Which is fine . . . except

Easter is right around the corner

So… Cadbury is looking for this year’s Easter Bunny stand-in as part of their Clucking Bunny contest. As they do

Four-Day Workweek Experiment Was So Successful, 92% of Companies Are Keeping It

The push to make a four-day workweek the standard has really picked up steam in recent years.  (Although it’d be

“Rage Applying” and Seven More 2023 Trendy Work Terms

Have you heard this new work term that’s been buzzing on TikTok? “Rage applying” is when you’re so fed up

Texas Roadhouse Impossible Question ANSWER: 02/24/23

“33% of people have stolen this from work. What is it?” Answer: Congratulations to Tom Sullivan for getting the question

Chenango Valley CSD

UPDATE – Closed – Tuesday, February 28, 2023

You’ll Now Be Able to Buy Wendy’s Famous Chili…in a Can

There are nearly 6,000 Wendy’s locations… in more than 2,600 cities… including every state.  So if you have a craving

Six Things to Look Forward to in March

We’ve made it through another month! Here are a few things to look forward to in March… 1. Daylight Saving

Live Broadcast At The Warehouse …. Friday, May 19th

 It’s Jeep season … Tejay is back at The Matthews Warehouse on Friday , May 18th from 3p to 5p

5 Tips to Help You Adjust to the Time Change This Weekend

Daylight Saving Time begins on Sunday at 2:00 A.M. Which means we lose an hour of sleep Saturday night. Here

Texas Roadhouse Impossible Question ANSWER: 03/10/23

“66% of people don’t want their spouse or partner to see this. What is it?” Answer: Congratulations to Mike Smith

Our Collective IQ Has Dropped for the First Time in Nearly a Century

If it seems like people are dumber than they used to be, maybe it’s because we really ARE getting dumber: 

Time Traveler Predicts Zombie Virus

The Daily Star says a self-professed time warper from 2049, named Trevor the Time Traveler, predicts Earth is going to

Naked Car Show To Take Place

The Valley View Recreation Club, in Cambridge, Wisconsin, has announced they are holding a naked car show on August 12th.

Texas Roadhouse Impossible Question ANSWER: 03/17/23

“32% of men never do this before leaving the house in the morning. What is it?” Answer: Congratulations to Luanne

Top Words We Can’t Spell, According to Google

Do you ever google a word just to find out how to spell it?  Turns out lots of us do…

The Most In-Demand Job Skill Few of Us Have

Here’s something that could help your career.  Start working on being a better COLLABORATOR. Plenty of people are good at

The Chevy Camaro Has Been Discontinued

Muscle car fans are in mourning today, because General Motors just killed off the CHEVY CAMARO. They announced they’re discontinuing

Texas Roadhouse Impossible Question ANSWER: 03/24/23

“19% of tweens have never used one of these to help themselves with their school work. What is it?” Answer:

Someone Invented a Shoe You Can Wear Backwards

If you saw someone walk down the street in these, you’d think it was a glitch in the matrix… A

TikTok Users Tape Faces To Remove Wrinkles

The Daily Mail says a new TikTok trend involves people placing tape over their wrinkles to straighten them out. The

New “Cup Noodles Breakfast” Taste Like Pancakes, Sausage, and Eggs

It’s that time of year when we have to start worrying about FAKE PRODUCTS for April Fools’ Day.  But apparently

Your SodaStream Can Also Keep Salad Fresh

Here’s something for anyone who bought a SodaStream . . . thought they’d use it constantly . . . and

Baby Shark is coming to the big screen around Thanksgiving.

The animated movie stars the TV show cast plus the voices of recognizable guest stars. Ashley Tisdale, Lance Bass and Cardi B have joined Baby

Texas Roadhouse Impossible Question – ANSWER: 03/31/23

“33% of single women are turned off by a man, who has this. What is it?” Answer: Congratulations to Connie

Live Broadcast Friday

Tejay will have a live broadcast this Friday from 3 till 5pm … Come by and check out the awesome

Magic 1017 & 1025 The Vault Remembers Dana Potter

It was one year ago that we lost a local radio legend and beloved member of the Magic 1017 /


The giant beer brewing corporation AB InBev launched a beer called Beck’s Autonomous — that was created by artificial intelligence.

Would You Try a Peanut Butter and Jelly Cheeseburger?

This sounds like something your five-year-old would suggest for dinner:  The fast-food chain Culver’s is testing a new bacon cheeseburger


Commuters who ride the bullet train in Japan can stop in the city of Semboku and visit a vending machine

Can’t Miss Relationship Advice! When You Start Arguing, Get Naked

I’m about to save your relationship. AND I’m going to picture your naughty parts while I do it. Again, for

Egg Prices Are Inspiring People to Paint Potatoes for Easter?

Egg prices are still high, so some families may be thinking twice about wasting several cartons for Easter egg coloring. 

Ever Wish You Could Live “Off the Grid” for a Few Days?

Everyone expects you to respond to emails and texts immediately now.  Do you ever wish you could go a few

Is a “Work Wife” Appropriate? Millennials Say No, Boomers Say Yes

Here’s a question for you:  Is it appropriate to have a “work spouse”?  A “work wife” or “work husband” who

Frank’s RedHot Teamed Up with Campbell’s for Spicy SpaghettiOs

Is this a food mash-up you’d try?  If so, you could just buy both products and do it yourself… Campbell’s


There’s a new champion in the competitive world of mustache growing. A South Carolina man named Paul Slosar recently had his


David Coors, a fifth-generation member of the Colorado family whose name has been printed on beer labels for 150 years, suggested

Starbucks’ New Olive Oil Drinks Are Being Called a “Legit Laxative”

Back in February, Starbucks announced a new line of “Oleato” coffee.  (oh-lee-AH-toe).  Each drink comes with a spoonful of olive

Texas Roadhouse Impossible Question – ANSWER: 04/07/23

“Men are three times more likely than women to lie about this. What is it?” Answer: Congratulations to Robin Seigworth

10 Scams That “Always” Fool People

Let’s be honest: Anyone can fall for a scam. A sign of intelligence is LEARNING from a mistake, and not

Texas Roadhouse Almost Impossible Question ANSWER: 04/14/23

“18% of men say this is the happiest moment of their life. What is it?” Answer: Congratulations to Lorie Major

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New Pringles Minecraft Suspicious Stew Arrives

Pringles collaborates with Minecraft to release new Pringles Minecraft Suspicious Stew-flavored potato crisps. Inspired by suspicious stew, a food item

McDonald’s Will Finally Start Selling Sides of Big Mac Sauce

McDonald’s announced some changes to its burgers this week, including more sauce on Big Macs.  But if it’s still not


During the second season of The Simpsons, way back in the 1990s, an episode was focused on some high-end sneakers that

Texas Roadhouse Almost Impossible Question – ANSWER: 04/21/23

“31% of adults check this four to five times every week. What is it?” Answer: Congratulations to Brittney Nixon for

Texas Roadhouse Almost Impossible Question – ANSWER: 04/28/23

“Having this makes you 20% more attractive. What is it?” Answer: Congratulations to Karen Sullivan for getting the question correct! Karen

Five Things to Look Forward to in May

New month! Here are a few things to look forward to in May: The Kentucky Derby and the Coronation of King Charles are both this Saturday. “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3” and “The Little Mermaid” both hit theaters this month. Mother’s Day is the 14th. And Memorial Day is coming up on the 29th.

Woman Has 54 Demands For Potential Boyfriend:

The Daily Mirror says an Instagram influencer, named July Jinku, is going viral because she has 54 demands a man

New “Wedding Rules for 2023” – Do You Agree?

We’re closing in on wedding season again, and so a magazine has come up with a list of “new rules”

Texas Roadhouse Almost Impossible Question – ANSWER: 05/05/23

“14% of people have at least one of these. What is it?” Answer: Congratulations to Kelly Normile for getting the

“Sports Illustrated” Swimsuit Issue features Martha Stewart

The “Sports Illustrated” Swimsuit Issue has several covers this year, and one of them features 81-year-old Martha Stewart. She’s wearing


For decades, American automakers have offered muscle cars, powerful sports cars with big gas engines like the Dodge Charger and

Texas Roadhouse Almost Impossible Question – ANSWER: 05/19/23

“27% of singles say you should never do this on a first date. What is it?” Answer: Congratulations to Rob

Memorial Day Service

Riverhurst Cemetery is celebrating their 112th year .. Join them, The Broome County Veterans Memorial Association and Magic 101.7 On

Live Broadcast Friday (6/24)

The Grand Opening Sales Continues Through June …. Matthews Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Great Bend PA has a beautiful

Texas Roadhouse Almost Impossible Question-ANSWER: 06/09/23

“21% of men are considering getting this to improve their appearance. What is it?” Answer: Congratulations to Jill Leeson for

“Pre-’90s Skills” That Are Basically Obsolete

Everyday skills change over time… mostly due to new technologies.  Like these days, kids don’t need to know the best

A.I. Is Now Learning How to Do Stuff the Same Way as Us . . . YouTube

Well this whole A.I. revolution really came full circle in a hurry . . . Scientists at Carnegie Mellon have

Texas Roadhouse Almost Impossible Question – ANSWER: 07/07/23

“41% of people say this is the thing they like smelling most in the Summer. What is it?” Answer: Congratulations

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Join Tejay Saturday July 15th 2p to 4p for a live broadcast from the 52nd annual Conklin Fair! Rides, Games

Matthew’s Broadcast Friday

Join Tejay this Friday from 3p to 5p at Matthews Subaru on Old Vestal Rd, Vestal Great deals on new

Texas Roadhouse Almost Impossible Question-ANSWER: 07/14/23

“86% of gamers have suffered this injury while playing video games. What is it?” Answer: Congratulations to Derek Green for

Texas Roadhouse Impossible Question ANSWER: 07/21

“31% of people have streamed their favorite show while being here. Where is here?” Answer: Congratulations to Darlene Lawton for

Join Tejay for the 4th annual Puppy Ice Cream Social on Saturday, July 29th from 12:00 – 2:00 pm at

Texas Roadhouse Amost Impossible Question-ANSWER 07/28/23

“21% of people have tried to make themselves smell better by rubbing this all over themselves. What is it?” Answer:

The Humane Society’s Duck Derby is set for: Saturday, August 19, 2023 It’s a really quacky concept. To win the

Here’s Why You Should Never Use Self-Checkout

Self-checkout isn’t going anywhere.  In fact, these days, the self-checkout will probably ask you for a tip. But there’s a

Ten “De-Motivational” Posters to Keep You Humble

(Photo Credit: Amazon)   You’ve seen “motivational posters” before, like the one of a kitten on a rope that says

Dating a Dummy….

You can probably think of several face-palm moments with your significant other, where it took them a little too long

“Signs You’re in Your 40s” Was Trending on Twitter

(Photo Credit-Amazon)   Kids of the ’80s are hitting their 40s . . . and even if you don’t FEEL

Here’s where to find free school supplies…

There is still time for some late summer vacation fun, but the start of the new school year will be


The Blues on the Bridge is September 16, 2023 (rain date Sept. 23rd) on South Washington Street Bridge in Binghamton.

Binghamton Pub Creates New Holiday

On Friday September 1 at 7 p.m., the Belmar Pub on main street in Binghamton, will be hosting the first

Elmira & Binghamton Among America’s Best Small Cities

When people consider popular places in America, they often think of big cities like New York City or Denver. However,

Double Decade Weekend

Binghamton’s Rock Hits Magic 1017 is adding some the biggest hits of the 1980’s to our weekend line up! Join

Doug Mosher Moves to the Magic 1017 Morning Show

Binghamton’s Rock Hits Magic 1017 is announcing a change in our weekday lineup. Rich Birdsall is the New Program Director

The Matthew’s Import Center is kicking off their annual tent sale Wednesday (20th) till Monday the 25th 9am till 6pm

Live Broadcast with Tejay this Saturday

Join Tejay this Saturday from 10a-noon for the 37th annual Greene Apple fest at the Greene Ball Flats Park This

Join us for The Tournament of Marching Bands and the Columbus Day Parade with six high school marching bands from

Concert For the Victims of the Maui Wildfires Sunday October 15th at Touch Of Texas

On August 8th the town of La-Hine-ah on the western shore of Hawaiian island of Maui and surrounding area was

Win Tix For Binghamton Black Bears Hockey!

Listen for your chance to win tickets to the Binghamton Black Bears at Visions Veterans Memorial Arena!! Listen to the


Local Halloween Events

OCTOBER 26 UMC Trunk or Treat: The Centenary-Chenango Street United Methodist Church is inviting kids and families to a free trunk

Give Back Friday 2023!




24/7 Holiday Favorites Connected by McNeil Jewelers!

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Fill The Cruiser – Toys for Tots

Live Broadcast with Tejay 3 till 5pm Tuesday Dec 19th

*Live Broadcast moved to next Tuesday  Stop by and get supplier pricing on remaining 2023 Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep Vehicles

It’s A Gnarly 90’s Memorial Day Weekend!


Send Doug Your Birthday Shout Outs!

Are you celebrating a birthday? Enter Magic 1017’s Birthday Shout Out for a chance to win four large cupcakes from

Live Broadcast with Tejay this Saturday 11am – 1pm

Matthews Subaru @ the Import Center has the biggest selections of 2024 Cross Treks and Foresters to choice from …

Win Dinner for 2 at Texas Roadhouse with Doug Mosher!

Listen to the Magic 1017 Morning Show with Doug Mosher each Friday for your chance to win dinner for two

It’s National Wear Red Day!

Our team Showing Up Strong for National Wear Red Day! This annual day unites millions of people for a common

Community Health Fair

THU10 NOV – COMMUNITY HEALTH FAIR  12:00 pm – 2:00 pm Join the American Civic Association in their Community Health


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Free Money Thursdays are Back

Free Money Thursdays are back!   Listen this Thursday to the Magic 1017 morning show at 7:15am for Doug Mosher to

Wanna Win Rumble Ponies Tickets?!

Listen All Season Long To Win Rumble Ponies Tickets On The Morning Show, Powered By ServPro Of Broome County –

Everyone has a reason to walk at the American Heart Association’s Southern Tier Heart Walk! Whether you walk to live

THAT’S RIGHT! ALL WEEKEND, EVERY WEEKEND IT’S AN 80’S WEEKEND! All 80’s Rock! brought to you by The Children’s Home!

Live Broadcast With Tejay On Saturday 11am till 1pm

At Matthews Kia In Vestal, They are all about treating people right. That’s why their knowledgeable salespeople are there to

Join Rich Birdsall This Thursday at Matthews Mitsubishi

Join Rich Birdsall this Thursday July 18th from 3p to 5p at Matthews Mitsubishi on the Vestal Parkway   Check

Live Broadcast At The Import Center Friday 6/14

At the Matthew’s Import Center in Vestal, you can save big on a huge selection of  quality pre-owned vehicles, from

Live Broadcast 3 till pm This Friday

It’s the Make This The Summer Event going on now at Matthews C,D,J,R ..  Check out the New 2024 Dodge

The 3rd Annual Car Show To Benefit The Chrohn’s and Colitis Foundation

Join Rich Birdsall and his 1956 Dodge Coronet at the show!!!

Live broadcast Thursday 3 till 5pm

At Matthews Subaru @ the Import Center, get great financing rates on the ALL NEW Foresters and Outback’s, as low

Live Broadcast With Rich Saturday

Matthews Mitsubishi prides itself on delivering vehicles that not only redefine style and performance but also elevate your driving experience


Memorial Day Service @ Riverhurst Cemetery

Riverhurst Cemetery is celebrating their 113th year .. Join them, The Broome County Veterans Memorial Association and Magic 101.7 on

Endwell League of Community Action Concerts in the Park

Tuesdays, June 18 – August 27 Highland Park – Shelter 1 – 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. June 18 Endwell Community

Shops of 607 Live Broadcast

Join Heather Black for the first weekend in June (June 8th) from 11-1!! As it marks ONE YEAR since The

What Are You Sick of People Trying to Convince You Is Great?

It’s one thing when you encounter a Costco enthusiast who’s ALWAYS talking about how great it is.  But when EVERYONE

Should Gas Pedals Be Harder to Push the Faster You Go?

Do you feel the need for speed?  Someday soon, that need may have to go unmet . . . Starting

Binghamton City School District

Elementary schools will dismiss at 10:50 am and Middle Schools will dismiss at 11:30 on both Monday, June 17th and

Corn Hole Tournament

This is a fundraiser for I Can Ride Inc. which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It’s hippo (horses) therapy and

Are You a “Precrastinator”? It’s the Opposite of Procrastinating

Everyone knows what procrastinate means . . . it’s the reason you’re all caught up on “NCIS” right now.  But what about

Join Us for the Finish Lyme 5k 2024

Join us Saturday July 27th at 10:00 am for the 4th annual Finish Lyme 5k to support Lyme disease. The

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Live Broadcast on Monday 7/15

Now is the time!! July is used car sales month at the Matthews Import Center on Vestal Rd in Vestal

Saturday, July 27th at Owego & Endicott Agway

Join Agway for the 5th annual Puppy Ice Cream Social on Saturday, July 27th from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Johnson City Rotary Carousel Day

The Johnson City Carousel Day is free to attend and includes a variety of entertainers, music, food and craft vendors,

Wanna Win Tickets to Grassroots Festival?

Thursday July 25th!

Hey!  Hallmark is celebrating it, department stores are celebrating it… Everyone else is doing it, why can’t I? Magic 101.7