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Magic 101.7 Air Staff

Meet the people that play todays hit music! Take a few minutes to browse our air staff’s profiles and see what really makes them tick!

Rich Birdsall

Morning Show Host / Magic 101.7.

— I was born and raised in Binghamton NY. You don’t get any more local than me. I graduated from Chenango Valley High School and I have been a DJ on what seems like every radio station in the Southern Tier, I feel like I get to talk to my friends every time I crack the mic. Being a host of The Magic 101.7 Morning Show is pretty great. I’m available to chat whenever and answer all my social media myself. If you see me out someplace, stop and say hello!

Dana Potter

Midday Host / Magic 101.7.

— Dana has lived in the Greater Binghamton area all his life. He was a Disc Jockey back in the days of 45’s and Albums (Records). He was on the air when President Richard Nixon resigned from office. He has 3 children who graduated from Union Endicott. Has been a member of the Board of Directors for the past 30 years at the Handicapped Children’s Association.

Louie G.

Afternoon Drive / Magic 101.7.

— I was born and raised in Johnson City. I am excited to be part of the Magic 101.7 family, and back with my partner in crime, Tanya! I am pretty much an open book. If there is something you want to know about me, all you have to do is ask or look at my history browser on my computer.

One of the following statements is not true about me, but I am going to leave it up to you to try and figure out which one it is:

1. I love mud wrestling!
2. I would step over my own mother for a pizza…and the sad thing is, it doesn’t even have to be a good pizza!
3. I am an Olympic speed skater and took the Silver medal at the 1996 games!

All kidding aside, I love being a part of this community! Turn ons include a beautiful and big smile. Turn offs include pizza places that have “normal business hours”.

You can hear me and Tanya weekdays on Magic 101.7 from 2PM-7PM!


Afternoon Drive / Magic 101.7.

— Tanya is the mother of Caleb & Alexis, both very musically inclined and can play several instruments. Caleb is in a band! Much to Miss Tanya’s dismay, both of her Children are taller than she is. She loves tattoos and has several, including 52 stars! She’s a die hard Eminem fan! Tanya has seen him several times in concert and even participated in an MTV special that he was on, and continues to stalk him! She originally aspired to be a special effects make-up artist for horror movies. Even though she is terrified of horror movies… Tanya LOVES the outdoors. Except in the winter. If its cold, she can’t even (yes, she can hike in heels)!

You can hear Tanya and Louie G. weekdays on Magic 101.7 from 2PM-7PM!

Steve Jay

Nights / Magic 101.7.

— Born In Binghamton, NY. Grew Up In Atlantic Beach, Long Island And Spring Valley, NY. Came Back To Binghamton After High School To Further My Career In Radio. I Caught The Radio Bug In 2nd Grade And Here I Am. In The Business 43 Years. Been With This Station Since 1989.

You can hear Steve weekdays on Magic 101.7 from 7PM-Midnight!

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