A.I. Is Now Learning How to Do Stuff the Same Way as Us . . . YouTube

Well this whole A.I. revolution really came full circle in a hurry . . .

Scientists at Carnegie Mellon have started teaching A.I. to do things around the house the same way WE learn everything now . . . YOUTUBE.

They’re showing their A.I. program “how-to” videos of people doing various tasks. Then they link it with physical robots that try to copy what the A.I. saw. So far, all the tasks are simple. But it was able to learn 12 of them, including how to open drawers . . . answer a phone . . . and take the lid off a pot on the stove. The goal is to make them so good at the mundane day-to-day stuff, we won’t have to do ANY of it eventually.


So, basically like the robot maid on “The Jetsons”.



(Study Finds)