A Guy Told Cops Throwing Bottles at Unsuspecting People Is Just a Thing He Enjoys Doing

Well here’s the worst hobby ever:  A 37-year-old crossing guard in New York was in the middle of doing her job Monday morning, when she suddenly got hit by a flying GLASS BOTTLE.  Luckily she’s okay.

It turned out a 30-year-old man named Tyreik Martin threw it at her.  Cops caught up with him nearby about 45 minutes later.

And when they asked why he did it . . . he said that chucking bottles at unsuspecting people is just something he enjoys doing.

He specifically said he tries to aim for their FACE.  And this isn’t the first time he’s done something like this.

He’s been arrested at least 70 TIMES for various reasons, including drug charges and assault.

Most recently, he got arrested last May for hitting a two-year-old boy in a stroller with a SUITCASE.  The kid ended up with a small welt under his eye.  Thankfully it wasn’t more serious.

It turns out Tyreik had an active warrant for not sticking to a plea agreement from the suitcase incident.  So he might be looking at serious jail time now.



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