75% of Pet Owners Are Planning to Dress Up Their Pets for Halloween?

Some parents can’t even get their KIDS to dress up for Halloween, so this comes as a surprise:

In a new survey, 76% of pet owners say they “like” to put their pets in costumes for Halloween . . . and 30% of people are planning to dress them up more than once this fall season.

In a SEPARATE survey, 59% of pet owners who celebrate Halloween say they plan to take their pets Trick-or-Treating.  And 31% prefer Trick-or-Treating with a dog or cat, over going with a child or even their partner.

Also, 38% of us would prefer to see a dog or cat Trick-or-Treating at our door, over a child, friend, or neighbor.  (???)

(Yes!  There’s nothing like forcing a Batman costume on your German Shepherd, and dragging him to people’s porches where “he” will likely get human treats that he can’t eat . . . in-between flipping out at all the other pets that will apparently also be out and about.)