6 Cheap Products That Make the Pandemic a Little Easier

What’s your best pandemic purchase so far?  And is there anything small you’ve bought that’s made things easier?  Here are a few we’ve seen that people swear by, that all cost $30 or less.


1.  Anti-fog spray for people with glasses.  You spray it on, and it keeps your glasses from fogging up when you wear a mask.  There’s a brand on Amazon called Fog Gone that costs 10 bucks a bottle.

2.  Mask extenders, so your ears don’t hurt.  They fit around the back of your head, so your mask won’t pull on your ears all day.  You can get a four-pack on Amazon for $7.

3.  An electric milk frother.  So you can make fancy coffee without going to Starbucks.  They’re easy to use and only cost about $15.

4.  Soundproofing strips that fit around the edge of a door.  They’re a cheap way to get a little more peace and quiet in your home office.  You can do one door for $9.

5.  A mask with a clear plastic window, so people can see your mouth.  You probably don’t need it all the time, but they make it a little easier for people to understand you.  So they’re good for work.  You can get them on Etsy for $25.

6.  A selfie ring light.  They’re the easiest way to light yourself and look better in video calls.  You can get a cheaper one for about 25 bucks.



(Via: BuzzFeed)