43% of Us Miss the Chaos of Black Friday

Here’s a weird thing to be nostalgic about:  A poll found 43% of Americans miss the chaos of Black Friday shopping.  (I guess snagging a $6 toaster without stepping on someone’s head just isn’t the same.)

But we do enjoy certain things about online shopping.  According to the poll, the top three benefits are no lines, no covid risks, and not having to camp out overnight to get the best stuff.

Here are a few of the top things we ENJOY about shopping in person on Black Friday . . .

1.  Instant gratification.  No shipping, you get your stuff immediately.  46% agree.

2.  A “better customer experience” than shopping online.  (???)  39% of people agreed with that.

3.  Better deals when you shop in person.  37% agree.

For what it’s worth, another poll this week found 32% of us plan to shop in stores on Black Friday, compared to 64% shopping online on Cyber Monday.  But Black Friday is still more popular overall . . . 69% will also shop online that day.