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Things That Were Socially Acceptable in 2002, But Aren’t Today

The world is a different place than it was 20 years ago.  We’ve been introduced to “American Idol”, Tom Brady has won seven Super Bowls, and some guy started something called “Facebook.”


People on the internet are talking about things that were common or “socially acceptable” in 2002 . . . but are NOT today.


Here are a few highlights:


1.  “Going out without a cell phone.”

2.  “Faux hawks, which were the mullet of the 2000s.”

3.  “Hanging out at the mall for hours.”

4.  “Describing men as ‘metrosexual’ because they took care of themselves.”

5.  “Fat-shaming and body-shaming.”  (Just re-watch the first few seasons of “America’s Next Top Model”.)

6.  “Calling on the phone without texting first.”  (Some people consider “cold calling” weird and rude.  I don’t know about that, but it CAN feel strange to call someone out of the blue with how common just dropping a text is.)

7.  “Smoking was still allowed inside most bars and restaurants in most of the country.”

8.  “Being in chat rooms.”

9.  “Frosted tips.”  And “going out with concealer as lipstick on.”

10.  Saying “that’s gay” as an insult.



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