10 Most Common Things People Forget in Ubers

Have you ever left something behind in an Uber?  You’re DEFINITELY not the only one.  It happens constantly.  For some drivers, it’s a surprise if they can get through a day WITHOUT adding to the lost-and-found.

Uber released a list of the 10 things that people left behind the most over the past year.  And they are:

Cell phones
backpacks and purses
headphones and speakers
and IDs and passports.

Uber also shared some of the weird things people left behind over the past year.

Those include:

A pizza costume
“It’s Boba Time” apron
500 grams of caviar
“some tater tots”
a box of unicorn Band Aids
“Employee of the Month” plaque
a Breathalyzer
a crochet strawberry
A metal leg
a power washer
a “small rhino sculpture”
a spray tan machine
a breast pump
and a windmill.