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Five More Myths People Still Believe

Did you know that adding salt to a pot of water does NOT make it boil faster?  It actually raises the water’s boiling point.  Here are five more myths people still believe:


Myth #1:  Goldfish have a three-second memory.  Studies have shown they can actually remember things for months.

Myth #2:  A penny dropped from the Empire State building could kill you.  It might hurt, but it’s too light and doesn’t have enough mass to kill someone.

Myth #3:  The color red sends bulls into a rage.  Bulls can’t even see red.  The capes matadors use are traditionally red just to hide the bloodstains.

Myth #4:  You should pee on a jellyfish sting.  It can actually make your sting WORSE.  Vinegar or rubbing alcohol might help though.

Myth #5:  You’ll get cramps if you go swimming less than 30 minutes after you eat.  The Mayo Clinic says there’s no science behind that one.  But it didn’t come from nowhere.

Doctors used to think a lot of blood had to be diverted to your gut to help with digestion, so you might get tired really fast and drown.  But now we know it’s not something to worry about.



(Via: Good News Network)